ONLY 1 day: Amazon Primeday Tuesday July 11th with hundreds of thousands of deals exclusively for Prime members around the world.

ONLY 1 day: Amazon Primeday Tuesday July 11th

ONLY 1 day: Amazon Primeday Tuesday July 11th

The third annual Prime Day will be Tuesday, July 11, 2017, with hundreds of thousands of deals exclusively for Prime members around the world.

Below are major deals and promotions available only for Prime Members:

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Amazon Primeday Tuesday July 11th- Prime Now

Prime Now – Skip the trip to the store. Prime Now offers household items and essentials your readers need every day plus the best of Amazon, with free 2-hour delivery. Your readers can get $20 off their first Prime Now order through July, 11, 2017Note: This is an exclusive Prime benefit, so while there are currently no fees or bounties for driving sales to Prime Now, this is another great reason for readers to sign up for Prime membership free trial while you earn bounty on each qualifying sign-up.


Amazon Primeday Tuesday July 11th – Prime Pantry

Prime Pantry – Through July 11, 2017, Prime members can save up to 35% off with coupons on select everyday food and household items in Prime Pantry. While no bounty fee is available for this promotion, you will earn from qualifying purchase of Pantry items.


Amazon Primeday Tuesday July 11th – Audible Gold Membership

primeday0717-05-audibleAudible Gold Membership – Through July 11, 2017, new-to-Audible Prime members can join Audible for only $8.95/mo for the first 6 months, a savings of 40% or $36 – while you earn a bounty fee for every qualifying purchase.


Amazon Primeday Tuesday July 11th – Wedding Registry


Wedding Registry – From July 8 to July 11, 2017 (or while supplies last), Prime Members with an existing Amazon wedding registry can enjoy up to 43% off top brands like Delonghi, Black & Decker and OXO. Wedding Registry must be created by July 10, 2017. This is a great opportunity for you to earn on the Wedding Registry Bounty while promoting to your readers. Members will see a discount in the shopping cart after entering the promo code. Check out the full list of deals and qualifying products here.


Amazon Primeday Tuesday July 11th – Kindle Unlimited membership

primeday0717-04-kindle-unlimitedKindle Unlimited Membership – Through July 11, 2017, your readers can get 25% off a 6-month Kindle Unlimited membership, 33% off a 12-month Kindle Unlimited membership, or 40% off a 24-month Kindle Unlimited membership – while you earn a bounty fee for every qualifying purchase.


More deals:

Amazon Music Unlimited

primeday0717-02-musiuc-unlimitedDon’t forget that Prime members who haven’t yet tried Amazon Music Unlimited can get the best deal in Amazon Music history – $0.99 for four months of on-demand music service with access to tens of millions of songs. Learn more




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All-New Element 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV - Amazon Fire TV Edition

Fire TV Edition is a smart TV experience that seamlessly integrates your favorite streaming and live over-the-air content on a unified home screen (HD antenna required).; Experience true-to-life 4K ...
Brand Name

Element Electronics

Item Weight

32 pounds

Product Dimensions

48.7 x 3.3 x 28.3 inches



Item model number



2 AAA batteries required. (included)

Color Name


Number of Component Outputs

HDMI, USB, Composite, Optical, Componet, Ethermet, VGA, HDMI, Headphone, RCA

Specification Met

California Energy Commission

Unlike speakers and laptops, I don’t purchase a lot of new televisions. I didn’t get a HD set until my Trinitron wouldn’t power on and I didn’t get a big screen LCD until I upgraded to a Blue-Ray DVD player. I had no intention of getting a 4K set until broadcast channels bragged about it, and I didn’t care if it was a “smart TV” or not because television manufactures abandon those sets a year or two after they sell them. Whatever 4K set I would own, it would get all its “smarts” from the latest edition of the Fire TV box. When I saw Element was integrating Fire TV into a 4K set, I was interested. (I have been secretly waiting for the Fire TV boxes got get an integrated tuner, this is the next best thing.)Setup was straightforward. After attaching the feet, you plug it in, push the power button and it starts up. The first boot gives you a tutorial and run-through of the interface. You can find them again under the Notifications Bell if you skip it. The boot time is a little long since you must wait for both the Element logo and the normal Fire TV startup process. After the first startup, it gets quicker.If are familiar with the Fire TV, you will be right at home, but I am glad I did not ignore the tutorial, without it, I would not have found how to scan for channels with my antenna. You find the antenna input, then push the menu button to find the Scan Channels option.After scanning for channels, I had one issue. The sound was horrible. I scanned for channels again, checked the settings on my Yamaha receiver, and tried again. It was still terrible, like there was static, or the television speaker was on with the receiver and I was getting an echo from the interference. I moved my mud-flap antenna and tried scanning channels again with the same result. I played around in the TV’s settings and found I had a software update waiting. The update fixed the sound issue.That’s another reason I like Amazon’s Fire TV ecosystem. Even my first generation Fire TV is running current software. I hope this set gets the same service. (OK better service, since I intend to keep the set longer than a $40 Fire TV box).I have been cable television free for four years. When Amazon announced the “channels” option for Amazon Video I knew it was the ecosystem for me. If you have not used the add-on channels feature of Amazon Video, you should, it’s as close to à la carte cable television as you can get. Add Netflix and you will not miss cable television. Add the integrated antenna TV guide and you have a complete package. It is so nice that I might spring for that outdoor antenna to clear up some weak channels my indoor mud-flap antenna cannot pick up (antenna TV is a long way from the four channels I had as a child). When you are in the guide, you can hit the menu button to add channels to a favorite list and filter out all the clutter, that should be enough to keep from a new antenna. A feature I did not expect is that the “live” channels of my HBO add-on channel are included in the guide. My favorite channel list is now the HBO channels, ABC, CBS, CW, FOX, NBC, and the three PBS stations. (OK, and the Accu-Weather channel. I am guilty).When you hold down the Home button, you get a fly-out menu that gets you into the Channel Guide, where you can select inputs, your applications, the sleep timer and your picture and sound settings. Since I use a Yamaha receiver and Polk speakers, I can’t speak for the sound options. The options for adjusting the picture are limited to the usual presets and some advanced options. Before you spend a lot of time tweaking these, know that you will have to do so at least twice. Once for live TV, and again for Video. Since you are not switching inputs, this frustrated me, until I found the mode indicator at the top of the Picture Settings menu. You can tweak your settings for each mode, and that is a good thing.You Advanced Options are limited to Motion Smoothing, Noise Reduction, Color Temperature and Color Mode. If you want finer control, then you must start with the Custom Picture Mode setting to gain access to Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Tint, and Sharpness. If you are looking for finer adjustments, you are out of luck.For now, I have chosen the Standard picture mode, turned noise reduction and motion smoothing to their lowest settings, set the color mode to native, and chose the standard color temperature. The set comes with all these on their highest settings or auto along with the backlight at an eye-searing 100. I am playing with the backlight between off and very low (below 25) with nice results.The remote is the standard Fire TV remote affair, except the home, reverse, and menu buttons are above the ring (annoying). The prime video, Netflix, and Amazon Music buttons are a nice touch, and thanks to HDMI CEC control I retired my smart remote. Powering the set on, powers up my Yamaha receiver and the volume buttons pass through to my receiver as well.Overall, I am happy with the set. Since cutting the cable cord, the number of devices on my television stand have been dwindling, and that makes me very happy. Now if a set would just come with some really rocking speakers, you know like the consoles of old…UPDATE: This is a bright television, and like all models sold today the preset picture options work better in a showroom than a living room. In a dark living room, the brightness, especially the backlight, tears shadows apart and creates a pixelated or color washed effect. Most people fall for the marketing of extra features like HDR or even OLED in an attempt to fix those defects. But the fact is with eight million pixels at your command a calibrated set will beat a feature loaded set every time. You cannot adjust brightness and contrast on this box after selecting one of the picture presets. You have to choose Custom, then custom again to find everything set at a nice 50/50.Brightness and Contrast are the two most important settings, and there are test patterns you can use to help make those adjustments. I grabbed an application with those patterns, but the operating system went into another screen mode (application) when running the application, so it didn't do any good. I ended up using Game of Thrones, with its dark interior castle scenes, overly warm desert scenes, and overly cool winter scenes to arrive at the following the settings. The result is simply stunning.Picture Mode: CustomSettingsBrightness: 45Contrast: 65 (YMV between 65 and 90)Saturation: 42 (enough to take the red out of the cheeks on the overly warm GOT scenes)Tint: 50Sharpness 0 (just a joke on a 4k screen)Color Temperature: Standard (Warm was way to warm for me. Never choose cool)Noise Reduction: Low (Because most content is upscaled to 4k resolution, otherwise off is fine.)Motion Smoothing: Intermediate (Sacrilege!! But you owe it to yourself to watch the opening sequence of GOT with Motion Smoothing at High or Intermediate. If feels 3D, and I may yet go to high since the math on frame rates is probably better there anyway.)Backlight: 11 (As low as 9)Color Space: Native
July 5, 2017
The TV I replaced this with was a Vizio:VIZIO Smart LED HDTV (2014 Model) - which was also a 55 inch TV. I’ve had no problems with my Vizio, mind you and actually kind of love it. I was just super excited about the integrated Amazon fire TV and heard a lot of raving reviews about 4K. I guess I was feeling a bit spoiled and felt the need to have my fire-stick built right it… also, with Game of Thrones right around the corner and entering the final 2 seasons I felt we had to really go out with a bang and see what this 4K was all about.I wasn’t sure the 4K was going to make that much of a difference but it was worth it to take the chance considering the price of the TV is actually pretty reasonable. The moment the TV turned on, the whole picture just POPPED into my living room and drew me in. It was like being there. And it was awesome.I was ready to say goodbye to my Vizio (well, not really goodbye. She was just moving upstairs to our bedroom). The thing that I will miss about the Vizio is that the dimensions in Length and Height are bigger making the 55inch TV appear larger than the Element even though technically speaking the dimensions are the same in regards to the TV being 55 inches diagonally. My living room wall looks a little bare with Amazon Element. So keep this in mind if you are swapping out TV’s. Always read the dimensions, like ALL of them. I might have gotten the bigger TV had I done my due diligence, as the lovely Judge Faith Jenkins would say. Although the Element doesn’t do much in the way of height at least it is longer length wise.Setup on this thing is ridiculously easy. The only way I can prove this to you is to tell you I am the tech genius of the family. My fianace is technically challenged to put it kindly and I was shocked as you-know-what when I heard that sucker up and running when I was cooking dinner. It must be super intuitive. He said it was just a quick tutorial after syncing it to wifi. Long story short – The Element basically sets up itself.I have not yet used the cable antenna but at almost $200 a month and having subscriptions to Netflix, Prime and Hulu – after reading Troy’s very thorough review (1st review on the TV) I’m actually considering going old style. Or, old-new style, lol. I might seriously look into that. It’s insanely cheaper in comparison to all that Amazon has to offer.I have not yet seen the need to adjust anything visually regarding size or picture preferences (but definitely I will check out what other reviewers say). This TV seems perfect out of the box at the moment but maybe I'm just too awestruck right now.. The visuals are so astounding I found myself a bit hypnotized. I think I’m going to get sucked right in watching Game of Thrones: The Complete Sixth Season [Blu-ray] next week! Not that I’d mind… as long as I get sucked into wherever Daenerys is, as you can probably guess from my Amazon handle.As for the sound, we got the sound bar to go with the TV (AmazonBasics Bluetooth Sound Bar) and WOW does not disappoint. I would say definitely splurge for this option to complete the set. It’s frekin’ amazingly awesome. My whole house rocks and now one less echo I have to buy!The fire-tv options are pretty much the same you’d see on the firestick so we all probably know that but if you’re new to it – it’s pretty easy to pick up.I love talking to Alexa through the remote – I’m just a stickler for that. You can ask her all sorts of questions. You can tell her what show to turn on. You can her when to pause. How many seconds to rewind or fast forward a TV show or video. You can ask her to put on some music.And if you have all that fancy stuff she can control your lights and alarms and probably your mind... Haven't gotten to that point yet but it's legit insane!If Alexa were real, I'd dump my fiance and ask her to marry me. Except she can be a bit temperamental.Just try asking her whose gonna win the Game of Thrones...
July 10, 2017
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