Chicco hiking carrier red personal review: check out why I'm falling in love with this awesome smart support backpack!

Chicco hiking carrier red personal review

I am a person who really loves traveling and having fun. Hiking is my favorite and I am so much excited to explore such spots where I can have some exhilarating moments. When my baby was born, I faced a lot of difficulties in carrying him to adventurous spots! I really remember the days where I quit from the outdoors and trips as I feel uncomfortable traveling with my baby.

It was at that time I bought chicco hiking carrier red which has brought simplicity in my life to take my baby to anywhere. It was suggested by my friend and I should say that I am so thankful to her for introducing me to this wonderful product which brought my life back to normal. I really appreciate the features this fantastic backpack has got!

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This was the backpack which really made me happy to travel with my baby.

Some of the things which impressed me using this backpack are:

The safety was the first thing which impressed me with this backpack. I should say that my baby was safe all the time. It has got enough support that it can carry baby of any weight. My son was about 8 months and this backpack has shown a good comfort to carry him.

The backpack has got comfortable padded seat that baby loves to be seated in it

The backpack has got comfortable padded seat that baby loves to be seated in it

The backpack has got comfortable padded seat that baby loves to be seated in it. He doesn’t hesitate or even show any bad moods while he is seated in it. If a backpack is not a comfortable seat for a baby, he/she would definitely show uncomforted signs while seated. But thank god! My chicco backpack carrier red has no any problems with baby comfort that my baby is very happy and relaxed with it. This backpack has got good fabric and it is not padding too much which can make babies feel hot. It has amazing clothing fabric making it a excellent product.

The biggest advantage I felt with this amazing baby carrier is that it is portable. It can be folded in a great way that we can carry it anywhere. This feature of the carrier made me fall in love with this product. I do not feel any difficulty to carry this backpack; I just fold and keep it in the corner of my car seat while I am on the way to any spots. When I reach the location I just take out the backpack and make it ready for my baby to enjoy

  • Even if my baby is in deep sleep, he can move out his hands and legs in the middle of his sleep in a comfortable way with this backpack. There is a space for him to enjoy his freedom.
  • The backpack has got a sunshade support which makes my baby enjoy long walks. This feature of the backpack is also something to be noted and specified.
  • This is a  lightweight backpack which is easy to carry and take baby for hiking and enjoy
  • I still remember the days we had an awesome trip which had hiking spots. I was first doubted whether I could have fun or not. I thought I would have a test with the chicco backpack and immediately kept my baby safer in it and I should say that I had an amazing experience hiking with my baby. The experience was beyond my expectations. Since the backpack was a light weight I didn’t feel any heaviness on my back. The support the backpack had to my baby is enormous. I am so glad to have his product. There are no even any weight pressures that my baby too enjoyed the comfort he got from it! The backpack is very simple to use that there is no much time required or complex to keep your baby safe in it. You can easily do it!
  • For the first time users, it is easy to operate this backpack. Chicco back support backpack manual was very useful as it clearly stated the instructions on how to operate it. The manual has listed all the features of this backpack which you can read on to have an idea. I suggest you have a look on this manual before you operate it. Each instruction is proper and simple to understand. You can simply operate this backpack following the instructions.


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Chicco Smart Support Backpack, Red (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

For Longer Lasting Adventures. Designed in Italy, the SmartSupport Backpack has a height adjustable seat to give your child the perfect ride. The energy absorbing lumbar padding and padded straps in ...

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I saw this on clearance in a store and checked Amazon first before buying it and found it even cheaper here, so I ordered one since we had some hiking vacations coming up. Overall great pack, my 3 year old is 35 lbs and we went on one hour-long hike and one 2-hour long hike, and I was fine. My lower back and shoulders were kinda sore, but I had 35 active lbs on my back, so I expected that. I had read some negative reviews about how it doesn't hold your kid right against your back, so it feels like someone is leaning way back as you hike, and I found that to be true. It didn't kill my back, but when my son would recline back in his seat I could feel it more. It's because the seat is a hard frame and you can't pull your kid any closer to your back than the frame will allow, so if your kid wants to lean forward or backward they can, to your detriment. It would be a simple addition for the company to just add a couple straps that let you pull forward the padded backing that your kid's back rests against, which would keep your kid from leaning back too far. But alas... All in all, though, it's an excellent value compared to much more expensive models, especially considering the sunshade and rain cover.
July 3, 2012
Like me, you wanted:-Something for occasional short trails or trips.-One that does not cling baby on your back because you live in hot muggy weather and that would probably be too hot and sweaty for the both of you. (I'm in Florida)-A simple retractable sunshade. My son pulls everything off his head so hats don't work with him yet. (the light rain shield is also a plus.)-Affordable, or rather attractively priced, because you don't plan on doing any extreme hiking.I read a lot of these reviews before I decided on this one because it fit the bill very closely for what I wanted.I find the product's construction to be very acceptable quality thus far.My son loves it, falls asleep in it, and wakes up happy in it. It gives him a nice view and a comfortable seat. He is 1 yr & about 26 lbs, he's tall for his age.Cons:Bust strap placement - As a reviewer stated before, the adult harnessing strap across the chest is a little carelessy placed for women. I'm 5'10" and it fell right over my bust at first comfortable fitting, so I had to adjust and wiggle around the shoulder straps until it was sitting just high enough to not be squeezing me. It is very important to use this strap, however, because it maintains the shoulder harness in such a position that shifts pressure off your lower back.Child's leg rests on part of frame- I found that when wearing the pack with the metal frame closed the frame can press your child's leg into you if he's not placed properly. This could have resulted from my wearing the pack so tight and high. But it was not a terrible issue, I would have only prefered atleast a thin cloth padding there.--------------------------------------------------Overall I really enjoyed using this pack, it becomes heavy after walking, sure, but you're carrying 30 lbs on your back, you're bound to feel it. I personally found it marginally affecting, after all I probably carried him for 5 miles in the pack on one trip, where I wouldn't last a fraction of that by hand.
June 8, 2012
This backpack was a lifesaver for us for certain things, but I can't see a lot of people using it for long hikes, because it is somewhat uncomfortable. I did read the reviews before purchase, and some people who were shorter seemed to have a more difficult time. I am 5'4 and my husband is 5'6, so we are on the shorter side, but this backpack REALLY came in handy for certain things, and I would recommend it based on this. And, I would also say that if it is really uncomfortable the first few times, keep trying it for longer periods, little by little. I got used to it pretty quickly. Here's what we used it for:trips to the grocery/other retaileroutdoor outings, like parties or gatherings in a parkwalking through areas that are crowded, like the farmer's marketwalking through the airportI think it was most useful, because as our daughter learned how to walk, it was easier to put her in the backpack than to constanty try to keep up with her in certain settings. Of course, we gave her plenty of time to use her new walking skill at home and in our yard, but for things I actually wanted to be present for and not be completely preoccupied by a newly walking toddler, the backpack really was a wonderful thing. And, our daughter walked at 9 mos, so it was useful for awhile. We only recently stopped using it (she's 15 mos now), because she walks well enough to be on her own and will allow me to hold her hand when walking in public. Also, she really liked being in the backpack. I think it was a good transition from the front infant carrier we used. One note: I didn't feel comfortable putting the backpack on and off on my own, even though my husband did. I just felt like she was going to fall out. In reality, I don't think she would have, but it was just me worrying. So, if you are solo with the child, it might take a little getting used to before you feel comfortable putting the backpack on and off by yourself. What I did do as a solution the few times I was on my own was set the backpack on the backseat of the car, put my daughter in, and then put the backpack on and slide out. Reversed the process for taking off. This worked well the few times I did it.
December 26, 2012


Perfect item for my case

I don’t have any complaints about the product and still, I would like to suggest some things in the backpack which I wish to keep as improvements:

  •    The backpack has got shoulder straps which I felt not much adjustable as required. Sometimes when I carry my baby on the back, I feel like to adjust a bit but there is no option for that.
  •    The price is bit high! If you are often traveling or using this backpack, then I should say this backpack is big expensive and if you are a person who loves traveling and need its use widely then it may be worth
  •    There are no pouches in the backpack. I felt it as a disadvantage of the product. The pouches are very necessary when we consider babies. Diapers or napkins can be kept in it making more comfortable to use but unfortunately, my backpack has not got any more pockets.

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Overall I rate the product as excellent because of its enormous features

I love the color of my backpack making it very attractive.  This backpack is available in chicco smart support backpack graphite which is also a great one in looks. Since red was my favorite, I opted it. This backpack was so comfortable in carrying my baby to many sightseeing spots. I really enjoyed the trips which I had with my baby after I bought the backpack. Before that I should say, it was terrible carrying him all the way. I couldn’t even enjoy or hike as I desire. But when I bought the backpack, all my problems were solved and I was handy free to explore places with my baby at back. I could take pictures and have fun around.  I recommend this absolutely excellent product to all moms out here who are really looking for a great backpack which has got great features and which can make them comfortable in journeys.

If you are looking for a lightweight and compact backpack which is suitable to carry, then no doubt you can choose this backpack which doesn’t disappoint you by any means! It has got a good capacity to hold your baby that you can plan out long journey without any hesitation thinking about traveling with your baby. Babies too enjoy having a good and sightseeing time sitting on this comfortable zone which is safe. This is the best backpack which I loved a lot. My husband too had a great time with this backpack that he also had an excellent experience. Try out this best backpack in keeping your babies safe and hanging out to some picnic spots where you can have fun with your family. Enjoy the great spots hiking as much as you can with this outstanding product. This is one of the best backpacks which really loved! Thanks a lot for this great designed baby carrier.

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