Snuggle Me Organic Review

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Snuggle Me Organic | Infant Lounging and Bed-Sharing Cushion

WINNER of the PRESTIGIOUS 'MOM'S CHOICE AWARDS' - 2016! . The Snuggle Me Organic is a co-sleeping bed

Made by: Snuggle Me Organic, Available: In stock

Snuggle Me Organic Review Introduction

The human body is designed to perform in a specific way; it requires three meals a day, loads of oxygen and few hours of good sleep. It is while we are sleeping when muscles break and grow. It is when we are asleep that body restores it energy pockets and prepares itself for the upcoming challenges. This is the reason why proper care should be taken while selecting baby and mom products.

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While grown-up bodies require 6-8 hours of sound sleep, toddlers require more sleep. Toddlers are growing, their muscles are constantly stretching along with their bones, and lack of sleep or rest at any interval of day may lead to joint pains. Joint pains are innocuous and put kids in extreme trouble. The best way out of all such trouble is ensuring a sound sleep for your newly born kid by getting comfortable baby furniture.

In this Snuggle Me Organic Reviews, we’ll try to give you the maximum of details of this product, mostly the pros and cons of this products.

A sound sleep comes from a soft and comfortable mattress with equally restful cushion. Unlike grown-up humans, kids tend to sleep in erratic ways, sometimes you will find them lying diagonally on bed while most of the times they are on a roller-coaster ride. It is important for parents to roll in a mattress that supports varied postures. Snuggle Me Organic is a cushioned mattress that caters to the varied needs of parents. These cushioned mattresses are designed to provide kids and toddlers with the liberty to sleep, as they want without compromising with the comfort.

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Product features
Bed sharing cushion from Snuggle Me is going to enamor you with the classic features it consists of. Made up of BPA free material this quality product provides your kid with the comfort of an original bed. The baby skin is very soft and sensitive due to which it needs utmost care. The material it is made up, the technology that drives the product and the design is going to benefit your kid while making their sleep really comfortable.

Snuggle me cushion safety and material

Snuggle me cushion safety

Organic and USA made the Snuggle Me cushion is hand-crafted in Minnesota USA by highly skilled, local sewers. They also take great pride in sourcing all of their natural and organic materials from family-owned USA manufacturers. Snuggle Me cushion is made of fully breathable materials sourced only from the USA. They are a CPSIA small batch manufacturer complying with all government safety standards in their division. All of their fabrics adhere to CPSIA certifications, which are the strictest certification standards in the world. The Snuggle Me cushion is fully machine washable, contains zero ethylene glycol, zero flame retardants, no phthalates or bpa’s.

Snuggle me cushion material

We all know how sensitive kid’s bodies are; we all know how easily they catch infection and allergies. Owing to all the sensitivities, it is important to design any product, be it diapers or bedding, must cater the required comfort without compromising with health benefits of your kid.

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Parents are constantly in search of products that are made up of high-quality material so that they can avoid infections and allergies. Snuggle Me bed sharing cushions are made up of hypo-allergic materials that prevent all kind of infection and allergies. Hypo-allergic materials are designed to repel infectious and allergic bacteria.

The baby bedding is filled with polyester fiber, which happens to be the best thing to sleep on. Like all baby product, this Snuggle Me cushion bed also follows each and every safety measure intricately. All these co-sleeping beds are manufactured with the mixture of certified cotton (just like Snuggle Bunny Rock and Play) and twilling fabrics. Research and studies have shown that these are the best materials to avoid infection and allergies in kids.

Unique Selling Proportion of BPA and lead-free material come together to make these beds hygienic. The hygienic factor plays an eminent role in the popularity of this product. The quality impresses people and brings the best sleep to kids.


Snuggle Me cushion has an immaculate design. These infant cushions are going to become your kid’s best friend. It is comfortable and very cozy. The design is like of a bed, your kid can adjust him or her fully on this cushion and enjoy a good sleep. The cushion leaves enough space for the kids to roll, go diagonal and sleep in any position they want to. The soft filling ensures that kids have a good time rolling over and sleeping tight.

Snuggle Me Organic | Infant Lounging and Bed-Sharing Cushion

WINNER of the PRESTIGIOUS 'MOM'S CHOICE AWARDS' - 2016! . The Snuggle Me Organic is a co-sleeping bed

Made by: Snuggle Me Organic, Available: In stock

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One of the best benefits these cushions serve is they stop your kids from waking up every now and then due to lack of comfort.

  • Made up of hypo-allergic material that avoids allergy and unwanted infections
  • Manufactured from 100% cotton to ensure quality-sleeping experience
  • BPA free material ensures a soothing feel while sleeping

  • Small in size hence parents need to keep an eye in order to baby fall
  • The product requires customization. Babies larger than 25 inches will fit into only customized products.

Why choose this product?
Snuggle Me infant cushion beds provides a quality sleeping experience for kids and toddler. With kids sleeping happily on Snuggle Me infant beds, parents too can now have a good night sleep too. This product is manufactured with quality materials hence infections and allergies are not to be worried about

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A conclusion from Snuggle Me Organic Reviews

This could be the best option for your baby’s sleep and you will also get some time for yourself when s/he will be sleeping peacefully on that cushion.

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