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Toddle spits out medicine: How to get a child to take medicine?

Taking medicine of course with doctor prescription is common and necessary to get over sickness.  However, it’s especially difficult to toddlers. In most cases, their common reactions are turning their head, running away, closing their mouth or throwing up pills. So it’s very stressful for parent not only because illness but also negative reactions of children to medicine.

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  • Where does the fear of taking medicine come?

Actually, there are two main reasons making toddler spitting out medicine. Firstly, it’s awful taste. We all know most medicines are bitter and not delicious at all, so obviously children don’t like medicine. Secondly, toddler is fear of swallowing pill because feelings of some things may be stuck in the throat is very uncomfortable.  

  • How to prevent toddler from spitting out medicine?

Although that’s a difficult task, you may find several tricks below useful to get your child to take medicine by handling the origin of his fear.

  • Use liquid medicine instead of pill

To children especially small ones, liquid is much easier to take and more familiar than pill or capsule form. In addition, liquid medicine is often added with children’s favourite flavour such as orange, honey, etc. That would help your child to overcome fear of swallowing pills. So you may try first to choose some liquid medicine instead of pills or capsules, of course with advice from doctor.

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  • Hide medicine in foods and drinks

TODDLER SPITS OUT MEDICINEConsult doctor if the medicine can be used with some foods or drinks. If it is acceptable, you may get your toddler take medicine with a spoonful of yogurt, apple sauce, peanut butter, etc. To do it easier, it would be best way to crush pills or to open capsules and mix small, dot-sized pieces with foods. But you should make sure that child takes all the amount of food so he consumes full dose of medicine.

  • Divide medicine into small amount.

Sometimes it’s hard to get your child take the whole big pill or capsule. So it may be not bad to break it up and let child take small amount once. But of course you must check with your pharmacist first and let baby taking the whole dosage during just few minute.

  • Use some supportive tools

Baby medicine syringes and droppers are also effective ways in case your toddler can not swallow pills. You may bleach medicine into a little water and squirt the liquid into the back of toddler’s mouth slowly while putting him in reclining position to prevent choke.

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My 6 month old daughter was on antibiotics for an ear infection and would spit out the liquid medication. I purchased this pacifier and she swallowed the medication successfully with no spit up. Very easy to use. I recommend to other parents.
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This worked to get my baby to take nasty medicine. Easy to use- just make sure you don't squirt the medicine too quickly or it will fly out of the nipple. Wish I would've bought this sooner.
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  • Encourage him

For long terms, to disguise the medicine is not a good idea. While your toddler grows up and develops desire of self-confirmation, you may explain him the necessity of taking medicine and encourage him do it.  Praise him and give him prize. For example, tell him that he could play with his dog as soon as he finishes it.

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