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Diapers – What is the hardest transition for a new mom?

We don’t think there is a definite answer, because they were all hard. Everything changes. You need to learn lots of new things. Among them, diapering is one of the most needs to know knowledge for new parent or even parents for awhile.  . Everyone knows that treating a baby require gentle care.  Hence, diapers with leak protection and moisture-absorbing properties help prevent and stop rashes from forming.

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Why we use Diapers ?

However, where to start in a world of full new products related to diaper and other treatment essentials?

First, here are some brief definition/ vocabulary for your basic to start with:

  • Disposable diapers made of cloth and synthetic disposable material are thrown away after use.
  • Cloth diapers are reusable ones which offer waterproof relief and with a plus, they are in easy-to-clean and easy-to-use.


How to use Diapers ?

Whether you are using conventional method to diaper your baby or not, we are pleased to present you some extra helpful tips (sometimes combined with some of baby gear products)

  • For a new born, you can start with one or two boxes of disposable diapers for the first two weeks and buy more as needed.
  • Plus, you might have to change from one brand to another if it does not suit your baby, so don’t stock a lot for these first diapers
  • If you decide to use cloth diapers, the question of laundering should be considered prudently. First, shake solids into the toilet and then drop the diaper into a plastic pail after a change.
  • When the pail is full, put all into your washer. Wash once with a detergent once, then add more detergent, and wash a second time.
  • Remember bleach won’t help. Rinse twice to be sure all residue detergent is completely rinsed away and dry outside under the sun.


Besides these two main materials mentioned above, you do need to know several essentials for diapers as well

  • Baby wipes or Hypoallergenic wipes, thick and absorbent, they help with big and little messes without irritation. They exist in flushable form nowadays
  • Diaper creams, suitable for the most sensitive baby skin, they provide fast soothing relief to the affected area and is source of extra-protection from future rashes.
  • Portable changing pad, for wherever you go, you can use these to create a clean, dry changing  and private spot
  • Burp cloths help to protect your clothing from baby spit-up and other messes
  • If you go outside and take your little want with you, a diaper bag is a must in order to keep all your feeding and changing supplies all together and separate

It is also necessary to keep in mind these principal tips while diapering:

  • Be sure to change your baby’s diaper right away whenever it’s wet or dirty. You will be pleased to see how it helps to prevent more avoidable rashes
  • If cleaning a baby girl, wipe from front to back (from her vaginal area to her bottom and not the other way inverse) in order to keep bacteria from causing an infection
  • For baby boys, tuck his penis down to keep wetness from escaping.


Where can we buy Diapers with a best quality and best price

Summer Infant Ultra Plush Change Pad Cover, Sage

The Ultra Plush

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Sposie Booster Pads Diaper Doubler, 90 Count, 3 Packs of 30 Pads

This long wearing extra absorbency pad simply inserts into diapers or training pants. Sposie is perfect for extended use situations like nighttime or travel. Our unique flow through pad wicks away ...

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Pampers Sensitive Wipes 7x Box 448 Count

Gentle cleaning for your baby

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Huggies Little Snugglers Baby Diapers, Size Newborn, 88 Count (Packaging May Vary)


Made by: Huggies, Available: In stock


Finally, you know what, whatever product or stuff you use, it’s important to have fun and learn to enjoy the time you diaper you baby. It must be exhausting firstly as you are tired from everything and anything as a new parent but do enjoy these little time bond up with your baby. So make eye contact, talk to your baby, sing a little lullaby, and tell a short story because there is no other way to communicate better with them than these precious moments.

Problems with your current baby diapers ( Leaky diapers at night, Interrupted nights, Walking up with a very wet and very messy child…)? Let’s see how the diapers doublers save your life !

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