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You have decided to have a baby. Then here comes the time. You finally got your wishes, finally be pregnant. You need to prepare for your baby coming. It means shopping for baby products and of course ‘for mom’ product.

Entering into the world of shopping for these products, you’ll get used to these new words:

You will definitely in need for a trustworthy website which allows you to look for these products and especially information about safety standard of each product once these products might be one day in the hand of your small and tiny angel.

With internet development these days, shopping can never be easier. The greatest thing is online shopping and all your wish list can come true by the touch of the mouse. But of course, there is a but coming you’ll find yourself exhausted for being overload by all these information offered by online shopping.

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Since being noticed of their pregnancy, surely most of mother-to-be is excited to see their baby for the first time. But “When my baby is coming?

We have been there already. You guess right. We are parents who had our share of joy and been going through all these website days by days in order to look for the most effective product ( i.e. brand name) It’s fun at first but with time, it’s really annoying. So this is our story (which is the story of every parents and friends) one day, regrouped for a cup of coffee under the sunny and loudly day of tropical time, we have discussed to find a solution for each and every parent like us for not loosing so much time for this long and lasting research of products . Using the logical mind of a student, we have thought of something like a summary. Yeah, why not, who in your studying time did not need a summary before an exam or interrogation.  And in this short summary, all these important notes need to be highlight as well

That is the story of our website. Our goal is to give you all the necessary information as well as feedback from other moms so you can make your choice in the wisest way. Our plus point: presentation and technologies. One way all information will be resumed in the shortest and condensed way because, we know who has time to read all these long articles and other stuff, especially when your first and important concern now is your newborn. In the other hand, you’ll love our modern presentation which suit both patient and impatient reader.

You’ll know what I mean by visiting this website. For each product, you can find a direct link to the main website which sells it. So you can read more in detail about the product you are interested in.  But if you are only interested in getting knowledge in more products, you can see the list of available product and compare all these advantages and inconvenient.

Ok, now let’s go to some main topics i will give you on this site

Besides, we’ll give you the promo code for this product if this one is one sale. Because we understand that it’s not that you don’t want the best product for your baby, it’s just as a wise mother and buyer, and you’ll want to save money while stocking up on all your baby changing essentials. We’ll also give you information about voucher and every promotion concerning. Who will not love this kind of thing while in a middle of a wild shopping .

In the other hand, you can also find in our website articles related to health and baby care, which means all the necessary information related to a new or current mom and daddy. Nursery décor activities can also be figured in our websites with lots of interesting advices and choices of articles to shop for your dream baby nurse room. And finally, we offer you lots of important information for training your baby such as: how to use a potty, how to eat or drink by themselves, how to not be afraid of the darkness, …

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In summary, we have design this website taking in consideration concerns of each and every mommy and daddy, no matter they are working or stay at home parent. So please do not hesitate to take a look, we are sure you’ll find your pleasure and you are welcome to sign up with us in order to receive straight to your mailbox our newsletters and of course interesting promotions and vouchers information.

Basic Baby care, tips, products and more