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How Ovulation calculator helps to track your fertile date?

Ovulation Calculator

If you are planning on having a baby, try Ovulation calculator and ovulation calendar as a very helpful and easy way to add more chance to your fertilization.

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How Ovulation calculator works

As we all know you are conceived while egg and sperm get together. Actually, to a woman with the average length of the cycle (28 days), the egg is expected to be released about 14 days before the first date of next menstrual period. Then it can stay still for 3 days while sperms can live up to 5 days in woman body. Therefore, during this preceding 3 days after ovulation, you may get highest chance of being conceived.


Your fertile window takes into account 3 days since the day you ovulate.

Your fertile window takes into account 3 days since the day you ovulate.

Thus, Ovulation calculator works on that concept. With an input of the first day of your last menstrual period and the average length of your cycle, it allows to figure out your ovulation calendar and to indicate the fertile day of the next 6 cycles and also appropriate due dates. So you may closely time your sex to get the most chance of conception.

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Is Ovulation calculator an absolute way of getting pregnant?

Sorry, there is a “NO” because it is an approximate estimation. Even when your menstrual period is regular, there are so many elements both inside and outside will affect your ovulation and fertilization such as environment’s temperature or your mood, etc. So nobody or nothing can say for sure exactly when your egg is released from your ovaries or when it is fertilized and implants in your uterus.

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However, Ovulation calculator is obviously a free and easy way to use with high accuracy in case of a regular cycle. You may also use it together with other tracking ovulation methods to boost your chance of getting pregnant, such as:

  • Ovulation predictor kit: You can find this kind of kit easily in a drugstore with prescription. It will test your hormone level in urine or saliva. With the fact that before ovulation date, the hormone level in woman body (here are in urine and saliva) will rise; it will help you to predict the fertile date and plan making-baby sex. One of great home ovulation test kit we would like to recommend you on Amazon is the following (4 stars rated for more than 3000 customer reviews):
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Easy@Home 50 Ovulation Test Strips and 20 Pregnancy Test Strips Combo Kit, (50 LH + 20 HCG)


You will receive: Individual Easy@Home LH Ovulation Test Strips and/or individual hCG Pregnancy Test Strips About Easy@Home One Step LH Ovulation Test Strips: The LH (Luteinizing Hormone) which is in ...
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Last price update: 2024-04-23 20:05:14
A quick Google search for ovulation predictor kit (OPK) and aside from the digital expensive ones, this one was highly rated. I even found some YouTube reviews and I thought, for $20ish bucks, why not? Been trying to get pregnant for 9 months now. For 8 months, we simply were just having sex. I tracked my cycle with Clue- great app. I simply tracked when my period came and when we had sex. There are other things you can track but I figured, I'm 29, Latina, I should have NO problem. My husband is Mexican...we are practically ancient in the Latin fertility world. All jokes aside, I was getting worried around 8 months that something was wrong. Went to my gyno and he basically said, keep doing what your doing... Maybe try an OPK...come back when you've been trying for a year (in about 4 months) and if you still haven't conceived-we can go from there. I really didn't like this whole "we'll go from there" bit. So I sought out OPKs and maybe some natural fertility boosting thing (Maca 2x daily for 2 cycles Femmenessence). Who knows. I consider myself healthy, I exercise, but my cycles were long and varied from 30-40 days, every month different. so it would make sense that an OPK could help me. So I bought this, it came promptly. Looks exactly like it does in the pictures. $20, can't lose right? So cycle day 10, I started the LH strips. Pee in a cup, dip the stick, count to 3ish, lay flat, wait 3ish mins, and see that pink line appear. I saw women were saving their pee sticks on a chart, and noting each day/date-like a science experiment. I dug it. I did it. Cycle day 15 was the first faint sign of the second positive line, oooo, that was exciting. Taped it down on my pee stick chart and made a mental note to get some intimate time with husband that night. Day 16, the 2nd line was brighter, more prominent. Day 17, faint, lighter than day 15, then day 16 just the one control line. And that was it. That was when I was ovulating. My Clue app had predicted my ovulation to be 3 days later. I guess these OPKs would have a leg up on a stupid phone app that doesn't actually know what hormone you are secreting that day. Go figure! Noted the tests in my Clue app, made sure to get some quality time with husband. Day 27 for S&Gs I took a pregnancy test using the HCG strips. You start to get good at peeing in a cup, get a clean sanitary technique down and everything and it was absolutely negative. Just one bright fuschia control line staring at me, and an empty abyss below. That instantly went in the trash, but I wish I kept it. So now it's cycle day 31 (long cycles, remember?) and my evenings have been cut short due to passing out on the couch, and my breasts have been increasingly getting tender. This typically means period time. So I took another HCG strip test this morning and booyah, two lines appear. One dark fuschia line, and one visible but not as dark, but not too faint that you question it's there, line. WHOA. Ok, I saved the pee, and dipped another test. Same thing. And another. Positive, positive, positive. Then I went to work. That was joke, highly unproductive day as i'm Googling possible due dates and signing up for all the mommy newsletter blogs, etc. lol So 8 hours later, I came home, took another strip test...and this time, the 2nd line was darker and JUST to the safe side, I went to the drug store and bought a fancy digital easy to read 2 pk pregnancy tests. Boom, positively pregnant. So because of this I wanted to share my story because, it was stories like these that gave me hope that a 50 pk of pee sticks can possibly accurately tell me when my egg was ready to play. The convenience of having 20 pregnancy sticks was super awesome as well. I took a total of 9 LH sticks and 5 HCG sticks. Not bad for a simply packaged, simple directions, and inexpensive product. I highly recommend this and hope that you too find the success that I found. Here's to about 8 more months!
May 25, 2016
My husband and I had been TTC for ~1.5 years, and not preventing pregnancy for about 2 years. We had been told that we may have issues with conception long ago as my husband had chemo as a baby and experienced low sperm counts because of it. Still, we tried every month the good old fashioned way. I hadn't ever bought any sort of ovulation predictor for a few reasons. One, I just assumed my app on my phone (Ovia) was accurate (silly me) and two, I didn't want to take the "fun" out of it so to speak and three, those suckers can get expensive!! Finally, after the heartbreak getting worse and worse after each month passed when my period came or we got negative pregnancy tests, and seeing 2 fertility specialists (spending hundreds of dollars mind you) I decided that these were worth a shot before we tried IVF. Now I have to tell you, that my husband was put on a medication to help boost his counts also, but we have not rechecked to see if it actually worked or not yet.Anyway, I decided that these were good for the price so it was worth a shot, and I was curious to see if my app on my phone was accurate so I bought them. I saw the reviews from other women out there that made little charts to keep their sticks to track the results. LOVED it! I ordered these bad boys and immediately created my own chart to use complete with the date of test, a space for the strip, my CD#, and a little column for if we "tried" or not that day 😉 The box instructions say to dip the strip in room temperature urine, but who has time for that?? I used little dixie cups to collect urine and it worked great. I would get a sample, let it sit for a minute or two and dip away. Then I would lay the strip flat on top of the cup and wait the 3 minutes. The first few times it was hard to really know what I was looking at. The control line always came up, but as the 2nd line started to get darker I found myself not being able to tell if it was lighter than the control line, darker or the same color. A positive LH test is when the control line and your 2nd line are either the same color or your 2nd line is darker. Once you finally get that same color line or darker you'll know. Another good reason to keep all your tests in a chart so you can see the progression.SURPRISE! my Ovia app was off by 3 whole days. Easy at home strips said I was ovulating on Tuesday/Wednesday and my app said my most fertile day was Friday/Saturday. Something to consider, these apps go by women with "normal" cycles. It never occurred to me that my cycle wasn't normal. And truly, how would my phone know what hormones were running through my body and when?Fast forward a week or so, and I found myself super antsy again to see if this time it worked. I read that you can take a HCG test ~10 days DPO (days past ovulation) I waited 13 just to be on the safe side, and 3 days before my missed period. I know youre suppose to take the HCG test in the morning but I took mine around 5:45pm. To my surprise, i got 2 pink lines! In complete disbelief I dipped a total of 2 more strips. All 3 were positive. I proceeded to then get in my car, head to the pharmacy and pick up 2 separate brands of pregnancy tests (ya know, to be sure!), chug some water, go pee and used one of each to compare. Positive and positive!! oh BABY! 5 positive tests! Then I retook another one the following morning... pregnant!Its very early on, and anything can happen. But I wanted to share our story because I know other women out there are struggling and frustrated. These tests are super easy to use and worth the money. I would recommend anyone who is trying to conceive to give these a shot. I have another friend who tried them too and her app was off by a whole week.Good luck ladies and gents, baby dust to you all!
May 18, 2017
Saw that the other reviewers were testing, taping it down, and comparing the days so my Type-A self had to have these strips. Some things I learned through this process.1. Take the test around noon: I saw the other reviewers mention that their Test line was not as dark as the control line. As you can see from my picture (CD 19-21), I got VERY dark lines, darker than the control line even, on my ovulation days. What worked for me is testing around noon after holding it in for a few hours. I read that it takes a few hours for LH to build up in your body and that your first morning sample will not have enough LH build up. I read you can do it til 2pm but can't vouch for that.2. Be patient: I was getting really frustrated around day 16 when I continued to see light lines. (Was I ovulating? Which of these light lines is the darkest? Was I not ovulating? What is going on with my body? Repeat.) Keep at it. I finally got a dark line on Day 19 and it was so clear then that all the other days were not my peak days.3. Dip for five mississippis: the other reviewers are right, dipping for five seconds is better and doesn't hurt the results.4. Temperature: i saw no difference between "fresh" samples and samples that sit out until room temperature.
August 3, 2016
  • Note of ovulation symptoms: In fact, there are often several subtle changes in your body before ovulation. So that would be very helpful if you keep an eye on these symptoms:
  • Basal body temperature: it supposes that after you ovulate, your body temperature will rise about 0.5 to 1.0 degree Fahrenheit.
  • Cervical mucus: normally, you may experience a little and sticky cervical mucus. However, during ovulation, it increases in amount and becomes transparent and slippery like raw egg white.
  • Others: Besides, before ovulation date, many women admit that they exhibit some uncomfortable symptoms such as mild cramps, tender breast, abdominal pressure and back pain, etc.

Question: 17 weeks pregnant and not showing, is it possible?

You may suffer from back pain during ovulation.

In brief, the Ovulation calculator is worthy for a try and we wish you good luck with your pregnancy plan. (Have you got pregnant? you will surely want to track out your baby’s size and estimate his/her due date. Check out our pregnancy calculator now, simple tool to count- down for baby‘s due date!)

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Ovulation Test Strips and Pregnancy Test Kit - 50 LH and 20 HCG - OPK Ovulation Predictor Kit iProven FK-127


Why use an ovulation calculator or a fertility monitor? The iProven FK127 is the one stop solution for predicting your most fertile moment in the month, and monitoring if it worked out as per your ...
Start from: $9.99
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Last price update: 2024-04-23 20:05:12
The Ovulation test sticks work great!!!! However at this point I'm unsure about the HCG test sticks. I tested positve (very faint line) on cycle day 27 in the evening, then I tested again the next morning getting another faint positive result as well. So immediately after just to be sure I tested with a First Response Early Result using the same urine but sadly I got a negative result. Since the FRER came with two test sticks I dipped both sticks into urine.....BFN!! I also used a Clear Blue Digital test which was negative!!After reading the one star reviews on here about false positives, Im not sure if Im actually pregnant or not. So due to much frustration I dipped 4 more of the HCG test strips into the same urine just to see what result I would get....they all were a faint positive that showed up within seconds. Im really not sure what's what at this point. I will update this review once I know.UPDATE: Blood test confirmed that I am indeed PREGNANT!!! The HCG test strips were accurate and detected the hormone before First Response and Clear Blue Digital!!!! Wow!!
May 21, 2017
Wow!!! I tried another brand not one to bash, so I won't name names, (but it's the Amazon's Choice one with 1000 plus reviews) and I NEVER got a positive LH test surge. Figured I try a different brand. First month in, I finally have seen a TRUE positive test yesterday! I'm genuinely excited!! We've been TTC for 2 years... I tried that first ovulation kit and all it made me think was that there was something wrong with me for sure and I wasn't releasing eggs. This time with iProven, I've tested twice a day once midday and one in the evening since my period ended. 25 days into my cycle, I got a positive test in the evening!!! I was excited... did the deed, lol....and tested one more time late at night 11pm just to let myself really believe it... And you still positive. Did it this AM, still positive!!!! I'm thrilled!! Wish me luck!! Even if it doesn't happen this month, I'm so happy this product works!! I also bought PreSeed to help the little swimmers have something more to swim in, even though I don't have that problem... hahaha! And took a tip from my pregnant friend, and bought the Blossom cup (menstrual cup) so that after intercourse I put that thing in and hold the sperm high up in me all night long and take it out in the morning. Tmi... sorry.... just wanna do everything I know I can in my power. If it worked for her the first time.... maybe it will work for me!!! Or YOU!! good luck everyone!! Please send good vibes this way!!
May 24, 2017
I have used multiple brands of ovulation and pregnancy tests and this brand has the most clear and precise directions. This would be perfect for someone who is new to tracking their cycles or for anyone that is a seasoned veteran. The strips were very easy to use and clear to read. I included two pictures of an ovulation test. One is negative (but just barely) and one is positive. They were taken about 5 hours apart on the same day.I actually use the tests to do natural family planning and avoid pregnancy so I have currently only used the ovulation strips. If you have fairly regular cycles, the ovulation strips will last several months making these a cost effective way to tracking your cycle. I love how the package comes with ten pregnancy tests. If you are the type of person that likes to pee on all the things and take multiple pregnancy tests, the lh and hcg hormones are actually very similar and the lh strips (ovulation strips) will also come up positive if you are pregnant (but it doesn't work the opposite way. You cannot use a pregnancy test to show that you have ovulated). Hope this helps someone!
April 22, 2017
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