Pregnancy symptoms week 11: The baby’s heartbeat at 11 weeks can be heard? Checkout how 11-weeks old baby look like and tips for mom this time

Pregnancy symptoms week 11

This week, your precious little one is the size of a lime! Your 11-week old baby is currently weighing in at .25 ounces, and measuring 1.6 inches long. At this point, the head is the same size as the body, which may sound a bit strange. No worries though, that will begin to change soon! The baby is moving all around in the fluid inside your belly, although you can’t feel it yet. The fingers and toes are no longer webbed, and the see-through skin will be starting to get some color in the next few weeks.

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What are other exciting advancements happening? Babies at 11 weeks have tooth buds, hair follicles, and nail beds all starting to form! The baby’s heartbeat at 11 weeks can be heard, although you may not have an appointment this week.

So how should you be feeling at 11 weeks? The truth is that you can be feeling a variety of pregnancy symptoms at 11 weeks. Some expectant mommas are feeling great, while the majority are still experiencing the first trimester issues that include:

  • Nausea Make sure you are eating small meals and staying hydrated.
  • Fatigue Try taking naps when you can or going to bed an hour early to help with this.
  • Gas Extra hormones cause an increase in gas and bloating. Yuck!
  • Mood swings Gotta love the hormones!
  • Leg cramps These are always a pain for me! I have found that stretching out my calves really helps.
  • Vaginal discharge Wearing a small panty-liner can help with problems caused by this. Make sure that you are cleaning yourself appropriately too.

Fortunately, you are only a few weeks away from hitting the end of your first trimester, which means that these lovely problems should be getting better. Some women, however, do experience these symptoms during the entire pregnancy.

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You may be beginning to have develop a baby bump, especially if this is not your first pregnancy. For bellies that are starting to get a little too big for normal clothes, but not quite big enough for maternity clothes, a belly band such as the Reve Maternity Seamless Waistband can be a great solution. It is cheaper than buying new tops, and it can be used throughout the pregnancy. The purpose of the band is so to provide extra length and coverage for shirts that are becoming too tight and short, as well as covering open zippers and unbuttoned pants. (Don’t pretend like you haven’t done it!) I wish I has known about these with my first pregnancy. I walked all around a store one time with my underwear hanging out of my un-zipped zipper!

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La-Reve Maternity Belly Band for Pregnancy - Seamless Waistband for all Stages of Pregnancy

La Reve

I love maternity bands! I'm just into my second trimester, and have round ligament strains on both sides of my abdomen. It helps, but it's a bit large for me. I'd definitely order a size lower than you think, but it's otherwise great! It will work much better once there's a bump.
February 7, 2017
Love it. Holds the opening of your pants flat and holds the pants up so you can let the belly grow and be comfy in all your old clothes. Wore this almost every day starting ~week 12. Holds up to gentle machine washing. Great gift for yourself or for an expectant mother.
February 8, 2017
Fits great! Holds my pants up at 7 months comfortably and doesn't ride up throughout the day. Like a couple other reviews said, one of the seams on the bottom broke but it is double seamed and hasn't really caused an issue. I was happy with it and went and bought another.
December 18, 2016

If your belly has not started to protrude, do not worry or think that your baby is not growing enough. You may want to start applying Burt’s Bees Belly Butter to prevent stretch marks on your skin for when it does start to grow. Your breasts are probably still swollen and tender, and they are more than likely causing a lot of discomforts. Be sure that you are wearing a comfortable bra with enough support.  Don’t spend a lot of money on one though, because your breast size will continue to change as your pregnancy progresses.

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Burt's Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter, 6.5 Ounces

Burt's Bees

A richly blended belly butter to gently and safely moisturize and nourish mama’s stretching skin. Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter with Shea Butter and Vitamin E conditions your growing belly with ...
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3.7 x 3.6 x 1.9 inches ; 6.6 ounces

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If i could give 0 stars i would- I've used this product for a while (the actual product not the knock off i received) and when I ran out I decided to refill on Amazon instead of going to the store. I figured it was safe because it's being sold by Berts Bees Amazon account but what I got was not what I was expecting. First of all the packaging is not the same at all and looks like some guy made fake labels and printed them in his basement. (The picture attached shows the original on the left and what I got from amazon on the right). The second thing is that the lotion itself is different. I could tell right away from the texture/smell that it's not the same formula but i ran out of my old one so I used it just to see. I used it twice and both times it made my skin itchy - I will not be using it again. I contacted Berts Bees directly about this issue and they didn't seem to be concerned or think that it was a third party posing as Burts Bees but they also didn't say that they had changed their labeling or formula- they just offered to send me a new one... Anyways I'd save your money and go to the store if you really like this product like I do.
March 15, 2017
I read the reviews about some women receiving the lotion oppose to the belly butter- but I didn't listen and purchased anyways. I just received it and the attempt at being a butter paste is pitiful. I received a regular lotion- that doesn't even smell like it had shea butter in it. I tried to return it and amazon said it is not refundable. Do not buy this product from amazon. Someone is ripping off customers.
May 14, 2017
I'm so happy this worked to prevent stretch marks during my pregnancy! I am prone to stretch marks and have some on my thighs and lower back just from growth spurts as a teenager. My sister and mother both have plenty as well, so I thought it was going to be a genetics thing that couldn't be prevented. I tried anyway, I used this belly butter every morning right after getting out of the shower when the steam was still in the bathroom and my pours were open. Then sometimes at night I would also use the Oil version. My son is two weeks old, born 9lb 14oz, and I don't have a single stretch mark from the pregnancy 🙂 Highly recommend.
July 16, 2016

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