Best X’Mas Gift for Your Babies according to me ^^

Few things turn on the Christmas festive season like a gift. As parents, you always wish you could teach your child everything that will help them in their lives. Unfortunately, there are some things that they have to learn on their own.

Items such as the toys provide them that opportunity to learn.  Choosing a suitable item such as a gift for your kid can be a challenge. It doesn’t seem like a big decision but most children’s items like toys are similar by function.

If you check closely you will find that there are significant differences. The unique features that will help your child are what is important. Here are some features and benefits of the children’s gifts.

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Fat Brain Toys MiniSpinny

Fat Brain Toys MiniSpinny

The perfect toy for anytime! travel, bath, mealtime, quiet time. The benefits of minispinny are endless. Little ones become immediately engaged as the colorful spinners cascade up and down.  ...

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This toy is a classic! The colors are bright and the plastic is very high quality. My grandkids are fascinated by it and I will give this to nieces, nephews and other little people in my life in the future. I have to admit that I like to play with it myself!
September 14, 2017
Our 17 mo old grandson loves this. Its kept in the diaper bag and it comes in handy to keep him entertained at church or going out to eat if he starts getting a little restless
December 11, 2017
I got this for my autistic grandson and he loves it! It is like a figit toy for smaller children. This is a defiantly a winner!
November 6, 2017

If you are in the market for the kid’s toys, the Fat Brain Toys may be the ticket. Boasting of 3 vibrant propellers and spectral colors, these toys are living to the vibe. Designed with exciting features and smooth surfaces, they are a perfect fit for your children.   

These toys come in various colors and propeller limbs making it convenient for your kids to practice naming colors and counting.

Superb strong materials and high-quality design, enables children to practice such as their sensory exploration, motor skills, and hand-eye coordination. The toys are good for children from 10 months and above.


Fat Brain Toys Oombee Cube

Fat Brain Toys Oombee Cube

Grab, explore, sort, and discover! Little hands are immediately drawn to the six vibrant, textured, rubbery, tethered shapes. Explore their contours, give them a squeeze, and even try chewing on them - Made of 100% food-grade silicone, these shapes are great for everything from tactile...

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Too early to know how it will be received by my grandson, as this is to be a Christmas gift. I did witness another little boy enjoying one of these a month ago which he got for his birthday, and that sold me. Hope it will be a 5 star after Christmas!
December 9, 2017
December 12, 2017
My mom bought this toy for my one year old daughter, and she absolutely loves it. This is a toy we've taken everywhere, as it keeps her quietly entertained for lengthy periods of time. My daughter is NOT a sit-still kind of girl, so I was amazed! I just ordered one for my niece who is the same age, because I know she'll love it!! (PS my two year old loves it too!)
December 11, 2017

Although the market is awash with different kinds of toys, these ones are on top of the market. Designed with 6 rubbery shapes, they provide optimum fun for your kids. Even better is the fact that the children can play with the shapes.

The little hands that slide each other is a pleasant addition. The combination of the shapes and the hands give your children a lot of fun. The materials which are rubbery, textured and squishy make it suitable for children who are teething.

Let your children fine-tune their skills with the toys including motor skills, shape recognition, and sensory learning.  The fact that the toys are 100% food-grade, BPA-free silicone, make them suitable for kids aged from 10 months.


Pambo Tooth Fairy Box Keepsake For Boys

PAMBO Tooth Fairy Box Keepsake For Boys| Personalized Baby Shower Gift | Xmas Gift

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These are so cute! I had to buy one of each, boy and a girl. My kids are currently 2 and 5, so they haven't lost any teeth yet, but this will be absolutely perfect when they do! Each box is completely made out of wood. There's a boy and girl impression on the top of the box. When you open the box, the lid has a place to write all of the important birth details. (Name, length, weight, birthdate, etc) the bottom half has a space carved out to hold each tooth )labeled) as well as the umbilical cord and a lock of hair. It's a perfect keepsake to hold on to and to give kids once they have grown to adults. Would also be a fabulous baby shower present. Very high quality. I would absolutely recommend this.
August 1, 2017
 I got this to give as a gift for a baby girl. Its very nice and lovely how organize you can put all the memories of your babies in this tiny cute little wooden box. Very creative way on how to keep this unforgetable and precious memories.
July 6, 2017
I love this! I wish they had these when my children were losing their teeth. I especially like it since I work in dentistry. I love that it has a place to write down personal information about the child as well. This is great for child and parent because the child can interact with the memories as they are being made. Great idea for shower present or even child's birthday present. Moth proof and anti-corrosion makes this a lifetime memory. PAMBO Tooth Fairy Box Keepsake For Boys| Personalized Baby Shower Gift (Standard, Girls)
August 17, 2017

Choosing a suitable tooth fairy box for boys can be tricky.  The Pambo features a moth-proof and anti-corrosion wooden box that is perfect for keeping your baby’s first teeth.  It is well-designed and can be presented as a baby shower gift.

Made from the Pinus Sylvestris Var, the box is durable that ensures that your memories will last long. The materials are resistant to attacks from the moths and will not corrode.   

The box has teeth openings which means that you can keep count of the teething process. Furthermore, it’s easy to put the teeth in the openings and their maintenance is easy to do.  

4 Gift Card with GUND Holiday 2017 Teddy Bear Gift Card with GUND Holiday 2017 Teddy Bear - Limited Edition Gift Cards are the perfect way to give them exactly what they're hoping for - even if you don't know what it is. Gift Cards are redeemable for millions of items across ...

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 This is so perfect! My mother in law gets a Gund bear from us every Mother's Day. Now her Amazon gift card will look like a real gift. It's what she wanted, but gift cards aren't too fun or impressive to open. Now it will be.
December 7, 2017
I bought this gift because I loved the limited bear. It's soft and nice holiday design. Love it!
December 13, 2017
Fantastic quality Gund bear basically for free if you normally shop Amazon.
December 13, 2017

Unlike some gift cards, the gift card presents an amazing gift suitable for Christmas festive season. The gift card has been done in cooperation with the GUND Limited Edition Teddy Bear.  

What makes this gift card classy and elegant is the unique Teddy Bear which favors the kids during this festive season. The conditions don’t accept printing any amount on a gift card that hangs on Teddy Bear’s neck.



Baby Teething Toys – Tinabless

Baby Teething Toys - Tinabless Teething Keys Set Soft Silicone BPA-Free Baby Fruit Teethers Toys with Pacifier Clip/Holder for Infant...

100% SAFE - Tinabless Teething Toys are made of 100% food-grade silicone free of: BPA, parabens, evatane, PVC, rubber, latex, phthalates, artificial colors, gels, and chemical softener. Fruit ...

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Super teethers! These were made with more than just your babies incoming teeth in mind! They are so much easier for my grandson to hold than any of his other teethers (except for the keychanin teether, I also got here on Amazon, which is also great! Nuby IcyBite Keys Teether - BPA FreeThese stay in the fridge and I take them out one at a time for him to play with, they are soft, yet durable so when he flails his arms around and hits himself in the head with them, he doesn't get hurt and end up crying. The pacifier clip keeps me from having to pick these up off the floor every couple of minutes, which makes me happy! Together, this set is a win win for parent, or grandparent, and baby!
August 30, 2017
This review is for Baby Teething Toys - Tinabless Teething Keys Set Soft Silicone BPA-Free Baby Fruit Teethers Toys with Pacifier Clip/Holder for Infant and Toddler (4 pack) . Babies and teethers go together . I bought these for friends daughter . My daughter is currently 6 months old . These teethers come are very colorful so it catches baby attention very soon.This is an perfect chewing teether for beginners. It also comes with a strap for clipping them onto shirts . Its easy to clean as well.
June 1, 2017
Baby Teething Toys - Tinabless Teething Keys Set Soft Silicone BPA-Free Baby Fruit Teethers Toys with Pacifier Clip/Holder for Infant and ToddlerThese are very cute and nicely designed, pack of 4 different colors,The size is good. It fits in hand. The material is Silicone and its soft, BPA free.This come with a clip ,which is useful to clip it to baby.My baby likes strawberry.This is being a good buy to keep the baby occupied.Thank you.
July 2, 2017

It’s easy to be seduced by the appearance of the toys, but Tinabless is one of its kind. It is made of the 100% food-grade silicone free of compounds such as BPA. This makes them safe to be used by your children.

The design is out of this world. It’s shaped like a fruit teether tree and is holder-friendly to babies. Your babies will love chewing it and will keep them occupied while having fun. They will get teething relief. It features the grooves and bumps to gently rub your baby’s gums. This prevents any injuries to their mouth while getting comfort.


Pocket Car Toys, Sliding Vehicles Trucks Toy Sets for Baby Toddlers

Pocket Car Toys, Sliding Vehicles Trucks Toy Sets for Baby Toddlers Over 18 Months – ( Set of 6: Bulldozer,...

Enter your model number to make sure this fits.; SLIDING FORWARD: NO batteries required, just push, these little cars go a good distance forward, baby learns to chase moving things, perfect to ...

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I bought these trucks for my nephew's birthday. He is 1 year old now and just started enjoying toys and playing. It might be a little too early for him to start playing with toy trucks, but pretty soon I am sure he will start loving these. As of now they are serving their purpose as pretty little decorations, and they look so cute in his room! Very sturdy and well made.
September 18, 2017
I was surprised to see how much my kids love these cute trucks... My toddler son even learnt the names of all of them and calls them by it. Now he wont even sleep without holding atleast one of them in hand.These are the 6 toys in the box1 dumper1 bulldozer1 fork lift1 excavator1 road roller1 road mixer
August 8, 2017
These little trucks are awesome. Each one feels strong and like it will endure a toddlers throws quite well. Each one has it name printed on - bulldozer, cement truck, etc. Every single one has some part that you can move which is a great little feature. They are very well made and would make a wonderful gift for any little boy!
August 4, 2017

Hardly do toys come with so many functions like these toys. Forget about purchasing the batteries, these toys don’t need batteries. You just need to push them and they will cover a good distance. Your baby will have lots of fun running after them.  

They come in different colors and quality. This teaches them to identify colors.  They are made from hard and non-toxic materials to ensure durability. You will be assured of their safety because the materials are not hazardous.   

They are designed to move smoothly and come in 6 different play trucks. They will learn about different models while playing. They are suitable for babies aged from 18 months and above.


Fat Brain Toys Kids Spinagain Toy

Fat Brain Toys Kids Spinagain Toy

It's a stacking toy with a spin—literally!  drop the vibrant star-burst discs of the spin again onto the threaded corkscrew pole and go ooooh as they spin fast and smooth to settle onto the ...

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My mother wanted to buy this for our two year old. When I first saw it my thought was "really? That's it? Just gears that spin on a stick?" She went for it anyways after seeing it on some daytime talk show "best of" toy list. Lemmie tell you, not only was our two year old mesmerized by it after he opened it tonight for Christmas, but so was the entire family. My two year old loves it, my four year old loves it, I caught myself playing with it, and glanced over to see grandpa playing with it as well. Not only does it work wonders for the kids' motor and color skills, but there's something soothing to adults to watch those gears spin to the bottom. No fancy bells and whistles, no lights or screens, just a simple toy that engages everyone. A real throwback to the days when a toy was a toy, not a phone or iPad. Highly recommend.
December 24, 2015
My 11-month old is mildly interested in this toy, might be too advanced for his age and doesn’t fully understand how it works yet. It seems well built and I like how colorful it is but I don’t think it’s worth $30, maybe half of that. There’s nothing “amazing” about it.
December 9, 2017
Cool toy, mesmerizing. I wish I had it when the kids were babies. They're toddlers now and still think it's cool but I feel like a baby would be entertained by it the most. I got this brand's stacking balls as well and think this spinning toy is better and more worth the price than the other. Would definitely buy again, especially for a 1 or 2 year old birthday if one ever comes up.
April 8, 2017

If you are looking for spinning toys, then the Fat Brain Toys have exceptional features. They come as a set of 6 vibrant and graduated discs that spin.  The discs move between the flowers and star-burst shapes. This helps your child to develop hand-eye coordination.

By pulling the pole the discs fall to the ground. This gives the child a lot of excitement as they watch them. It will enable them to learn the counting skills when they stack and spin the discs.

They are BPA-free and the plastics are coated with ABS. They will be no need for you to worry about their safety. They are good for children aged from one year old.  


AerWo 3ft DIY Felt Christmas Tree Set

AerWo 3ft DIY Felt Christmas Tree Set + 26pcs Detachable Ornaments, Wall Hanging Xmas Gifts for Christmas Decorations

This felt Christmas tree will keep your little toddler occupied during this winter. Not only will you have some quite time you will help him to play on his own while allowing him to build a Christmas ...

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I bought this for my daughter (she’s 1) and because our home felt empty without some kind of Christmas tree (we decided to forgo a tree this year due to curious little hands) and I love it. It’s so cute & very well made. It’s definitely something a crafty person could make on their own but that’s not me. My only criticism is how it was packaged. It was all wrapped up & folded so it was creased from the get go and doesn’t lay flat on the wall.
December 8, 2017
Its not really felt. Not like I remember. Its stiff. We opened it a few days ago and hung it up so the kids would have their own tree to decorate. There are velcro tabs where the ornaments must be placed or they won't stick. The velcro tabs fall off very easily from both the tree and the "ornaments." I would not buy this again nor would I recommend it.
December 6, 2017
Bought this for our two year old who can’t keep his hands off the real tree. He loves it. The pieces are high quality and really cute. The tree is very big and comes with a lot of “ornaments” that Velcro on. Highly recommend for kids of all ages.
December 4, 2017

Christmas festive season is all about having fun. It will be incomplete without a Christmas tree for your baby. The AerWo 3ft DIY Felt Christmas Tree Set includes I piece of Christmas tree and 26 pieces of ornaments.

This DIY Christmas tree can be assembled by using needlework. This ensures that the pieces don’t fall off and will not easily be plucked out by the kids. It works better than using the glue stick.

The little ones will have fun doing easy on and easy off activity. It helps them a lot including improve hand-eye coordination and recognizing the colors. They are safe for the kids and don’t have the unpleasant smell.


4 pack 2017 Best Funny Colorful LED Gold Christmas Trees Vintage Blend Lights Set Ornament Accessories Cute Christmas for Kids lights(LED)

4 pack 2017 Best Funny Colorful LED Gold Christmas Trees Vintage Blend Lights Set Ornament Accessories Cute Christmas for Kids...

〓 Scope 〓 Can be used for Christmas tree, family, hotel, party, party, festivals and other places and occasions of the dress, will give you a stunning wonderful experience. Can also be used for ...

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These are cute and delicate ornaments that light up my christmas tree!
December 8, 2017
great price and very pretty,can't wait to use it at Christmas
December 8, 2017
These are cute and pretty awesome! My husband loves them!
December 3, 2017

This product features an LED Christmas doll that will be perfect for your children.  It comes with a Santa Claus, elk, snowman and white bear and red bow. This is the combination that will make your baby have an unforgettable Christmas festival.

The doll is made from hard materials to ensure durability. The colorful flashing lights set a perfect scene for the festive season. Its unique three-dimensional and cartoon shape will blend well with other Christmas decorations.

It has a good size that will enable you to hang it any place including the kid’s bag and handbag. Even better the children will love its style and fashion.


Baby Banana Infant Training Toothbrush and Teether, Yellow

Baby Banana Infant Training Toothbrush and Teether, Yellow

100% Food Grade silicone teething toothbrush for kids 3-12 months of age. Specifically designed with “a-peel-ing” handles that are easy for baby to hold, while preventing choking. Bendable soft ...

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I followed the warning of other reviewers and ordered the single (not 2-pack) to get a genuine made in USA item. It was great and my baby loves it! So much that I ordered a second. This time I got the low quality made in Taiwan version despite ordering a single item. The item appears opened and taped shut! That's unacceptable this is for an infants mouth. On top of that it seems cheaper, the volor is different, and the bristles are thinner. I can see how parents could be worried they would break off. I'm not sure if one is new and one is old, but the USA version has a patent number on it where the other says patent pending.Amazon quickly replaced the item for me with the correct version. It still gets five stars because the genuine item is excellent and Amazon has great customer service. Photos included showing made in USA item on the right.
March 29, 2015
 Got the baby banana and Cornelius. Both are good, but my baby is small and her mouth is small. For her size, the baby banana works better than Cornelius. All other teething toys were too big to fit in her mouth (necklace beads, giraffe, Kiki the elephant, etc) the only thing that worked previously was a small rubber tipped spoon we got from the hospital at discharge. But the banana is perfect! Cornelius is slightly larger and will probably be good for when she is 6 months old (works now also but she likes the banana better). She's currently 5 months old and about 17-18 pounds. Banana and corn photos both attached for size comparison.
July 17, 2017
I had bought my son at least 4 other teethers and none of them kept him occupied like this banana does! He absolutely loves it. He chews on either end to reach way to the back gums and enjoys chewing on the handles to get those teeth coming in right up front. This is a great buy for your little one and I think a new staple gift for me to take to baby showers!
October 13, 2017

There are many baby toothbrushes available that it makes it difficult to choose the right one. This toothbrush has thick bristles that assist the baby’s gums to be massaged when they have sore teething problems. This will provide them with relief.

They also feature a peeling handle which is easy to hold by your child. This teaches them how to handle and hold items. It will also enable them to brush their teeth properly.

They come in different colors and you can choose your favorite color. In addition, having several toothbrushes in different colors will teach your kid to know the colors. They are suitable for children aged between 3 to 12 years old.

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