Luvable Friends Towel or luvable friends hooded towels: Discover very cute Animal Face Baby Towels in my personal review: pros/cons, why&how!

Luvable Friends Towel with Cute Animal Face Review


Luvable Friends Towel Bring You The Cutest Animal Face Baby ones

When the baby comes you enter the world of responsibility. You are always worried to provide your little one with the best care possible but this is only the hard side. The bright side includes all the cutest products that you use for your baby. Be it the pillow, or the bottle or the stroller but when it comes to towels or clothes, they start getting unreally cute. Just imagine a duck hat on your baby when he is heading for a bath. The scene alone can light up your mood and make your parenting easier.

Towels do not seek much of attention but while seeing in the large scale we can see that they play an important role in upbringing process. Bathing your baby can be a bit tricky considering their reaction towards water. Although we see natural liking of water towards the babies but after a bath it is very important to dry them properly. You can trust anything to keep your baby dry as the material has huge effect on their skin. So choosing the right towel for your baby is very important. 

Here we will discuss about such a product to help you out on this towel issue and what could be better than talking about a duck product. Luvable friends hooded towels are what I’m using for my two babies and I highly recommend!


Luvable Friends Towel – Animal Face Hooded Woven Terry Baby Towel:


According to me Luvable Friends Towel is the best choice when you are looking for your baby’s perfect towel which is entertaining too. The product quality is good for your baby and we will discuss about it in detail so that you can trust it completely.

Product features

I personally think his product has best quality material and much more to offer and there are some features that are worth mentioning here and it deals with customer satisfaction.


The towel is 100% terry cotton which feels very soft against skin and doesn’t not cause any irritation. It doesn’t bother your baby and keeps them perfectly comfortable. This is no velour so absorbs nicely which make is the best choice while bathing the baby.

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Luvable Friends Towel is bigger than any usual towels that are available in the market for more price. You can easily cover your baby and it is good for the toddler as well. The baby could be completely covered up and the hood is also worth mentioning. It not only looks adorable but keeps the baby warm also.


This luvable friends towel is thin but very useful. It comes with a hood and makes it the best choice to cover your baby completely. It comes in variety of animal shapes like frog, monkey or bear. In case of this duck shape, the nose is puffed and the kids find it really attractive. This is the best product for your little one and you can get more details on:

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This is one of the best towels you could possibly offer your baby. The fabric is 100% cotton which feels fine against the baby’s skin and does not cause any kind of irritation. The size is also convenient as the kids outgrow any shorter towel within months. You can easily wash them in machines and the hood will keep your baby warm. The cute look of this luvable friends towel is also an advantage. The beak of the duck is puffed and looks perfect on your baby’s head. You can use this towel till two years of your baby and the size is comfortable for that. This is the best product you are going to buy and inexpensive as well. You can place an order on

Grayson and Rose Grayson and Rose Toddlers Hooded Towel - Duck

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I just got this towel for my duck loving little boy; he's 22 months and starting to outgrow all those baby towels. The towel arrived beautifully packaged, as other reviewers have noted. However, since it's not a gift, I'm more concerned about how it will feel for my toddler. The towel is supersoft, seems to be absorbent, and has held up through a couple washes beautifully. I love the size; he has plenty of room to get snuggly wrapped up in it. And to top it all off, the ducky itself is adorable. Finally, the customer service from Grayson and Rose has been impressive; the package comes with a little note from the company, and we've gotten a couple of helpful emails with tips as to how to wash and keep the towel and other towels looking great. Overall, if you're looking for a cute, bigger, and soft towel for your toddler, I would definitely recommend this one. In fact, I wish they would make in " slightly bigger kids" sizes for older siblings who also like hooded towels!
May 5, 2016
Terrific! Nice and thick, thicker and larger than a towel I bought from Jumping Beans, it didn't have any of those highly irritating small plastic fasteners that made unpacking the Jumping Beans towel ridiculously time-consuming, AND it came in a nice white box with a green ribbon printed on it so you don't need to pack it in pretty paper.Would highly recommend and would buy it again.
November 30, 2015
After looking far and wide, I found the perfect baby towel! I'm not picky, I just needed it to be big enough not to be outgrown in just a few months, as were all the other towels I tried. Doesn't help that my son is very large for his age, so he outgrew the regular baby towels way faster than his sister did when she was a baby. This one is significantly bigger than everything else I've tried, and is also much, much thicker and plusher, too! Luscious and absorbent, and, of course, adorable, but they all are. This one wins for size and thickness. He'll be using it for quite a while!
March 1, 2017

Although I think that it is the best product you can offer your child but you should have a clear view of the pros and cons to make a wise choice.


  • 100% cotton so goes easy on baby skin.
  • Easily washable in machine.
  • The hood warms up the baby.
  • The size is convenient for the toddlers too.

  • The towel is thin.
  • There are too many tags attached to it that need to get removed individually.


When it came to choosing the right towel for my baby I chose this luvable friends hooded towels with the cute duck face and I am very happy about it. The thickness is perfect and length is very convenient even for your toddler. This is the cutest towel that will be worth all your money and you can order Tan Towel Half Body Towels to complement this product. Another good choice is Matimati Bamboo Baby Washcloths which is definitely a smart option for any parents for their new born.

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