Explanation on Amazon Sales&Deals programs: Amazon Prime, Amazon family, Baby Registry, Subribe&Save, which option is suitable for me?

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Amazon Sales & Deals Programs Explanation

Hi all,

This is not an official page from Amazon, it’s just my own experience on purchasing on Amazon US website.  To tell you my story, at the very first time I went to Amazon website, I was stuck at product in detail page. There was no “Add to card” button but a “Subscribe and save” one, however I didn’t want to subscribe at that time because I didn’t know what was that. Otherwise there were a lot of options and I did not know where to go for the next step: Amazon Prime, Amazon family, Baby Registry, Subscribe & Save, etc. What does that mean all those things, which option is suitable for a parent ?

Thinking I’m not the only one who was facing this issue, I would like to share with you what I know about all those programs, maybe it will help you to not spend much of time at the beginning as I had to. Let’s check them out one by one:

A. Amazon prime

A1. Main Benefits

  • 20% saved on Diapers and more
  • Early Access to Deals
  • Amazon Family free access
  • Coupons and Deals from Amazon Family (not applicable on all products)
  • Exclusive Baby Registry benefits
  • FREE Two-Day shipping
  • 30-day free trial
  • Get $5 when your friends join Prime

A2. Pricing table

  • Please check out the following pricing table
  • Cancel anytime
  • For more details or start your trial: here

amazon prime fee table

B. Baby Registry

B1. What is Baby Registry program on Amazon

Your baby is coming soon ? You’re going to need some items for her/him. Amazon Baby Registry is a program allowing parents to create a needed item list on Amazon website before their baby’s birth. This list can be shared with your family/friends. Special point of this program is people can buy items in your list to celebrate the baby’s arrival.

Very clear and cute video explaning the programs can be found via this link

B2. Main Benefits

B3. To register, what will you have to do ?

  • Fill up the registration form as you can see below:

Baby registry form

C. One-time purchase option

Amazon one-time purchase

It’s simple as its name. You just want to do your purchase once. New amazon users will prefer to this option since they don’t know well Amazon programs yet. That’s why I’m writing this article ^^.

D. Subscribe & Save

Amazon Subscribe & Save

This programm will be gainful for you if you have regularly need for a same product. Amazon is proposing deals/sales off for this kind of need with Subscribe & Save program. Meaning for example if you need diapers for your baby or food for your dog, you find out your favorite product on Amazon and would like them to deliver to your door every Saturday morning at 10am, this program is perfectly suitable for you.

Sometime you can see multiple sales off on this program, such as: 5% or 15%, this saving depends on the number of products you order, example:

  • 1-5 products on an order: 5% saved
  • over 5 products on an order: 15% saved

For more information, please visit the related Amazon page here

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