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Parents have been long subjected to carrying their babies around. They use their arms so they can talk about the pain and discomfort that goes with it. Furthermore, they will need that extra care to make sure the child does not slip through their arms. Fortunately, we are talking about days gone by.

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Today, people have become more innovative and have designed baby backpack carriers. These can provide comfort and safety to both child and parent. Buggies are still used but are only limited to certain types of terrain. Baby carriers have the adaptability to most kinds of terrains. They’re also designed to carry heavier loads. The baby backpack carrier for hiking can free-up the arms and can be good for the spine. Here are some of the best baby backpack carriers available on the market today:

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Baby Backpack Cross Country Carrier Stand

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Baby Back Pack Cross Country Carrier Stand Child Kid Sun Shade Visor Green


Strong but lightweight, aluminum frame, weighs only 5.1 LBS; Retractable canopy protects child from Sun and Rain; Padded straps and hip belt with energy-absorbing lumbar padding keeps you cool, ...
Start from: $119.95
Last price update: 2024-04-24 05:06:15
Freedom to roam, after my son was diagnosed with hypotonia and cp ( we call it floppy baby syndrome) it became apparent that he wasn't walking anytime soon. He is two years old & I hadn't been able to go anywhere without a stroller. I'm wishing I would have thought to get one of these sooner. I always thought they were so expensive, I would just use a stroller. After many comparisons and google searches I settled on this one which reminds me if you are looking for the backpack go to The price is way cheaper than anything else out there but the quality is just as good. We just went out on a five mile hike, he loved it! I thought for sure I would be sore especially around the shoulders however it never happened. I was all alone & able to get him loaded up by myself , the pack has a great kickstand, he felt safe and secure in the pack. Thick padding is all around as well as nice sturdy straps. The sun shade is easy to slide on or off, I like that it has protection from the elements. Also there is a nice big storage compartment attached to the back underneath the child. I was able to carry enough diapers, wipes and snacks. I do wish there was an easier way to get to the water bottles while hiking when I'm by myself. Since it holds up to forty pounds my child will be in it for awhile. The pack was comfortable for him, he fell asleep while I was hiking. I would recommend this backpack to anyone. This is one of my first reviews I hope it is helpful.
September 23, 2016
I purchased this pack for both my husband and I to pack our 30lbs 18 month old son with us when we hunt, hike, fish, horseback riding, camp, and enjoy the outdoors. I was thrilled when I found it and even more thrilled at an affordable price. The product is put together incredibly well and my son loves it. He hates to be confined and he seems to feel like he can move as well as see whats going on just fine. He seems comfortable, and well restrained. I love how versitile and well this adjusts, it is so easy to adjust and fits me well along with my husband; it could also adjust to go for smaller people. I really enjoy how padded the shoulder and waist straps are to help take some of the weight off of your body.It takes alot of weight off your back. Im happy about the extra storage(it really is everywhere considering you have a human being on your back) and the waterbottle holders. I enjoy the weather sheilds for their face as living in Utah, and hiking in the high rocky mountains, the weather changes constantly- from sunshine to snow to rain and 70+ degrees F to 30- degrees F in literally 12 or less hours. I also really like this pack for household chores and yardwork, as my son feels like he can be apart of what I'm doing without being in my way or in dangerous situations. I'm disapointed in only having one color choice, I wish they had more earth-tone colors. I also wish it already came with a few accesories such as a mirror to look back on your child, and a sippy grip to hold drinks as it seems a fun game to throw it on the ground constantly.(I have now purchased these things, and suggest you do also) We are avid outdoorsmen and Im so excited to use this with our son, and future children; as we dont slow down with children, we take them along and teach them to love the mountains as much as we do! I deffinatly reccomend this product to anyone who loves the outdoors, and wants to take their children with them! I already have recomended it to many friends and family memebers who hold the same kind of lifestyle as we do. Don't stop going or slow down doing the things you love, take your children with you in this comfortable, easy, and safe pack!
April 3, 2014
We purchased this baby back pack carrier for a family hiking trip to the great smokey mountains. It is very light weight and easy to carry. We have ended up using it on every hiking trip we have been on now. My son was 10 months old on our first trip and still comfortably fits at age 2. I would say that this product is baby approved as well. My son has fallen asleep in it on multiple hikes:)
January 11, 2016

This product is of a strong yet lightweight frame as well as oxford cloth. It’s designed to withstand weather conditions the child is usually exposed to. Other features include multiple pockets and shoulder pads with thick padding for comfort.

The carrier has an extra large pocket for diaper storage and other child necessities. You can easily install or remove the canopy as needed. It’s used to protect the child from the sun and in case of rain. Also, you can fold the portable backpack for easy storage.


  • Has a lightweight but strong frame made of aluminum.
  • Also, has a retractable canopy to protect the child from the elements.
  • Includes a lot of pockets to keep all the necessities.


  • Some issues with the clip and buckles of the belt.


The carrier has a design which suits the comfort of the child and the parent. This is possible because of the carrier’s easy system for adjustment. You can also adjust the carrier to allow the child to sit upright even on flat surfaces.

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Osprey Packs Poco AG Plus Child Carrier

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Osprey Packs Poco AG Plus Child Carrier, Ivy Green
When your back and hips hurt, hiking isn't fun. Especially when you've got a squirmy little one on your back. So osprey incorporated their award winning ag (anti-gravity) backpack suspension system ...
Start from: $319.95
Last price update: 2024-04-24 05:06:17
We absolutely love this pack. We've been using it since my baby was around 4 months old. She hates being swaddled or carried against your body so wraps and ergos aren't really an option. Oh how she loves being in this pack though! We use it for walks, day hikes, and even around the house when we need to get stuff done but she wants to be carried. It has a bunch of pockets that remove the need to carry a diaper bag while using it, folds down to a reasonable size, is super lightweight, and has a ton of adjustment settings so that my mom (5'3 using the XS setting) and husband (6'2 using the M setting) can both comfortably use it. The pack is also adjustable to grow with your baby. We'll definitely be using this for YEARS to come.
November 17, 2016
This is hands down the most awesome carrier I’ve used. If you fit it correctly there is no pain or strain of any kind. You literally can’t tell you’re carrying a little one except maybe in the thighs when you hit some hills. My son actually walks up to it and raises his arms up wanting me to put him in it. He loves it and is very comfortable. Don’t worry about the cost, just buy it. Recommend for anyone not just hiking and backpacking.
December 26, 2017
extremely well made, very comfortable and tons of storage! We've tried several packs over the years and this by far has been superior to all others. it's easy to adjust for various body types/sizes, both for the passenger and wearer. The child foot slings were genius, they make for a much more comfortable "ride" for the passenger. Their legs aren't dangling as with most packs (which eventually cuts off circulation and pain). we've hiked for hours with these and the kids are quite comfortable.
April 24, 2016

This carrier is of lightweight aluminum and nylon. Its torso adjustment can easily custom fit many body types of users. It has an adjustable double halo harness which is fleece-covered. The child’s seat has a full-padded and framed cockpit for safety. In case you need to shield your child from the elements, use the built-in sunshade.

The carrier’s extra-wide base has a locking footbar. This can allow the backpack to be stable and safely put down. The carrier’s two big, grab-handles with reinforcements ensure safe pickups. To keep the child safe from slipping, the child seat provides built-in leg loops for safety.


  • The carrier will keep the child comfortable and safe.
  • Designed with the child and the adult in mind.
  • Lightweight carrier which a built-in sunshade.


  • Some say that the hip belt isn’t very comfortable.


This carrier offers many features for comfort and safety for the child and the parent. The design includes safety precautions when you put down and pick up the carrier. Like most carriers, this one also has a sunshade, is portable and can be easily folded for storage.

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Be Mindful Hiking Child Carrier Backpack

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Hiking Child Carrier Backpack with Ergonomic External Frame | For Baby and...

The Mindful Engineering ethos is about making low-tech, down to earth products that enhance the lives of children and their families. Our vision is to build everyday products for children, products ...
Available: In stock
< $290.00
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I had a long awesome thing but the Amazon app just randomly shut off. Basically this is awesome. I live in the friggin jungle. It's like a ruck but you can't throw it down when you're done... Cuz there's a person in it. Ask me any questions you have. And make sure they're not stupid.
January 19, 2018
Wow. After researching backpacks that cost twice as much (Osprey, mainly), I decided on this backpack as it looked well constructed, had all of the features I was seeking, and was priced much lower. So when I opened up the bag and felt the quality of the materials/construction, I was extremely pleased that I had selected this newcomer over the "fancier" incumbents. Highly recommended.Pros:Weight - Don't know exact weight specs but felt comparable to the Osprey I tried on at REI, which is to say very light. I could definitely see myself taking LO on an all day hike with this packFeatures - Built in water pouch (like a Camelbak), sun (and rain!) shield, pockets on the waistband, and washable head/face rest.Ease - While I love how new gear I purchase is feature-laden, I don't have the time/energy (as a dad) to learn new tricks. Everything should be intuitive and the Be Mindful pack over-delivers here. There's even large font to show you which way to adjust straps and S/M/L/XL in bold lettering too.Value - half the price of comparable backpacks and the quality is on parConsColor - Nothing wrong with this black but it would be great if there were other less sun-absorbing colors (prefer blue or tan!) as we're here in 7k feet altitude.
January 21, 2018
 I love my Be Mindful child backpack. Shipping was fast and double boxed.It has so many different compartments, the snack bag is huge and it also comes with a hydration pouch so you can drink on the go. The baby seat os completely adjustable and felt like my baby was being kindly hugged by the side cushions. I cannot wait to go hike with my family. I feel it will be much better for my back then the everyday carrier.
March 3, 2018

Again, we have a baby backpack carrier loaded with safety and comfort features. But this one comes with much more. It has several pouches which can be used for different purposes. It has a big duffle bag for storage either for the baby or for airplane travel. It also comes with a hydration pouch for those long hikes and more. If the family loves the outdoors, this carrier is highly recommended.

This baby backpack carrier has a strong and lightweight external frame. It’s designed to distribute the child’s weight evenly. The waist belt fits for comfort and is sturdy. The shoulder straps have multiple adjustments. These allow you adjust the ideal posture when hiking with your family.


  • It’s suitable for infants and toddlers too.
  • Has an ergonomic design which ensures the safety of the child.
  • Comes with a full money-back guarantee.


  • Some claim that the straps and buckles are of poor quality.


When it comes to storage pockets, this carrier is tops. It has pouches for hydration, for food storage, baby accessories, and even for air travel. It truly is the right choice for families who love camping in the great outdoors. Furthermore, the safety features are highly impressive.

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Deuter Kid Comfort 2

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Deuter Kid Comfort 2
Enter your model number to make sure this fits.; Microrip-Nylon/Super-Polytex; Made in USA or Imported; JPMA Certified for Safety - Independently tested to exceed state and federal safety guidelines; ...
Start from: $290.00
In stock
Last price update: 2024-04-24 05:06:21
This pack has really helped us get into hiking this year. We needed to find a pack that fit both my husband, a solid 6'3", and myself, a thin 5'3". This was actually just about the 8th carrier we tried to get to fit both of us, and were THRILLED to find one that fits.We bought a Kelty FC 3.0 first at a great price, and it while it fit me okay, it would not fit my husband. All of the weight went on his shoulders and none on his hips, and he couldn't do more than 10 minutes in it. Then we tried several older models loaned from a friend, and when all of those fit poorly, we started worrying we wouldn't find one that fit him at all. Finally, we tried an friend's new Osprey Poco, and while it fit my husband well, it's lowest setting still left a gap between my shoulders and the shoulder straps. We weren't ready to jump on a $300 carrier that only sort of fit me.When we stumbled upon this carrier on clearance at our local trading post, we were beyond happy. The ratcheting shoulder straps allow it to adjust between "sizes" and fit both myself and my husband. There are size markings on the side, but you can easily adjust it above and below those. We can even shrink it down low enough my 10 year old can wear stuffed animals in it around the house. For fit, you can't get much better. If I extended their scale some, my daughter would be a X-Small, I would be a Small, and my husband about a X-Large.The design itself is great too. The side pockets do well for hats and toys, and the lower pocket is roomy and perfect for diaper supplies. The hip pocket is nice for a camera, and you can roll up he waist straps and tuck them in so they don't dangle. We're not at all bothered by having to bring in/out the kickstand, and I actually prefer it more than the Kelty and the osprey, as it tucks in more compactly. I love that the child's straps bring the child forward, closer to your back (like the Osprey), instead of away from it (like the Kelty). I'm also glad there are foot stirrups, though as we're still using it with a baby, we don't use them often. She can just just tuck her feet in.We're new to hiking in general, but after about 5+ long trips this summer we did add some accessories to our pack. We did end up buying a Camelbak 3.0L hydration system, and that's been pretty awesome. We also bought a few hiking poles, because I found that really helps my arms feel more comfortable on long hikes. We're probably going to pick up the sunshade soon. We actually used the Kelty's sunshade until we resold it, just because we had it on hand, and it was really nice to have some rain coverage.
October 9, 2016
This bag is wonderful!! Very comfortable for me and my child. I am 5'3, 125lbs, athletic build and it fits perfectly with no pain in my back or hips. My two year old loves to hike in it and doesn't squirm to get out. The pillow is great; he falls asleep every hike. I've worn this bag for multiple hikes from 3 miles to 7 miles and it has surpassed my expectations each time. The storage pockets have ample room for day hiking. I would purchase this bag again.
April 13, 2017
We have borrowed several similar backpacks over the last couple of years and finally bought one of our own, choosing this model based on recommendations from friends.It is easy to use and intuitive to figure out how to adjust in the many ways it can adjust for comfort (your or your child's). My husband and I were able to switch who was using it with relative easy, even while on a hike.The kickstand works well, and it is possible to put on solo, though easier if you have help. There are pockets everywhere you might want a pocket.It comes with an adorable stuffed animal (for no reason other than adorableness, I suspect)Our older child was about 35 pounds when we used it this summer, and while he was supremely comfortable and the backpack distributed his weight in a way that was totally manageable, it is clear that he's about as big as one can reasonably tote comfortably. It took a little while to get used to the balance disruption of having him on my back, and I don't think I would have been able to keep it up for more than a couple hours without a break to regain my equilibrium. However, this is far far superior to the Kelty model we've borrowed in the past, and obviously more sustainable than just using a soft structured carrier for this purpose with a larger child.His much smaller younger sibling was an easy ride, though she still can be accommodated in a regular baby carrier even on a long hike
September 5, 2014

This carrier offers children and parents alike the comfort they need when using it. The innovative step-in side access makes it easier for the parents to get the child out and in the carrier. The soft chin pad gives great support for the child during nap time. Furthermore, the pad is removable and washable. The carrier also has footrests which you can adjust. These provide those tiny feet warmth while promoting good circulation.

The manufacturers designed the 5-point safety harness with the child’s proportion in mind. Adjusting the harness and the color-coded buckles is quick and easy. The adjustments can maximize the child’s comfort when seated. This certainly is ergonomic, designed specifically for the child.


  • Easy-to-adjust height even when the child is in the carrier.
  • Provides great ventilation for the child and the adult.
  • Available in 2 different colors.


  • The band around the belly isn’t wide enough.


The easy-to-adjust feature even when the child is in the carrier is a great advantage for parents. This goes the same for the adjustable footrest. It can warm the child’s feet and allow for needed circulation.

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Deluxe Green Baby Backpack Cross Country Carrier w/ Stand

Deluxe Green Baby Back Pack Cross Country Carrier w/ Stand Child Kid Shade Visor

$94.95 109.99

Larger, stronger, and more roomy than the standard model!; More storage and pockets to keep your wallet, cellphone, and snacks handy!; Removable mini backpack

Available: In stock
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Arrived right on time. I'd tried another carrier before buying this one and I can sa I'm very pleased with it. My soon to be 2 year old daughter fits in it perfectly and has fallen asleep a few times while being carried in it. It has a lot of support and fits both me (5'6") and my husband (6'2") comfortably. It does wear on your shoulders after wearing it for a while, but that's to be expected. So far the quality is holding up and I like that you can detach the sunvisor and rain guard. There is also a stand that can be folded up and down to make it easier to put the child in.
November 13, 2016
I'll keep this review short and sweet.Pros:- great price- nice bright color easily seen (I bought the green one) while hiking on roads and in the woods- incredible amount of storage- the sunshade is awesome! We're in Texas so it's a must have- lightweight- relatively comfortable for short hiking distance (under 5 miles) on flat terrainCons:- can't seem to get it adjusted adequately, which puts unneeded pressure and weight on my shoulders. I'm 5, 2" and weigh 125. My son weighs 27lbs. Even with the waist band shoulder straps as tight as I can get them, the pack still doesn't rest on my hips correctly and the rubber pad that covers the metal frame digs into my hip bones. I find myself leaning over way too much to keep the pressure off, and this is also the reason why I only use this pack once a week max. I'm usually pretty sore after a 4 mile hike wearing this.- the shoulder straps for the child have no padding. I did modifications of my own by taking some old ones off of a stroller my toddler outgrew and sewed them onto the straps.- the bar that lined up with my child's face is padded but not enough. My son usually falls asleep while I'm hiking but he can't lie his face against the bar in front of him because it's not padded enough. It seems like it would be, but it gets pretty bumpy and shaky back there when I'm trying to go uphill or pick up my pace. Poor kid looks like a bobble head.- no where for the child to put their feet. For my 2.5 yo, his legs are pretty long so they just dangle and eventually after an hour or so they start to get achy. If there were a small place for him to rest his feet on, that'd be awesome.Still giving this pack 4 stars. It's worth the price, I just wish the quality of design were a bit better.
March 11, 2017
Excellent carrier. Well construction. Very comfortable to have on. Easy to get our little one in and buckled. Also very easy to put on and off by myself. Like very much the stability when placing on ground to get her in and out.
November 7, 2016

Compared to the standard model, this carrier is larger, stronger, and roomier. It has more storage and pockets to keep the adult’s wallet, cellphone, snacks, and more. You can use the larger pockets for diaper storage and other child accessories. The mini backpacks are removable. It also has a retractable canopy to protect the child from sun and rain.

The easy adjustment system provides maximum comfort for the child and parent. Metal stands allow the carrier to sit upright on flat surfaces. The carrier is foldable for easy storage and portability.


  • Can carry a child up to 40 lbs in weight.
  • Easy to use, portable, and very convenient.
  • Has a retractable canopy and an adjustable harness with the padded hip belt.


  • No head support for when the child sleeps.


This new model offers more storage space and roomier movement areas for the child. It also has detachable features that can be re-installed when needed. These are the mini-backpack, the retractable canopy, and more.

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Main conclusion

We’ve just given you baby backpack carriers reviews of those available on the market now. But we believe that some of them have better features to boast than the others. If you want a carrier with standout features, go for the Be Mindful Hiking Child Carrier Backpack. Most of the carriers presented offer almost similar features. This one stands out because of its Safety First feature. Their backpacks are first tested for safety precautions and endurance before release. Furthermore, the carrier comes with a warranty.

If you’re looking for a carrier with impressive features, then you can go for the Osprey Packs Poco AG Child Carrier. It’s much more expensive than most, but its features are impressive. The torso adjustment is unique and can easily and quickly fit any adult user. We also like the child seat or cockpit which is fully framed and padded for safety.

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CamelBak eddy Water Bottle
Enter your model number to make sure this fits.; blend; Imported; Redesigned cap and bite valve provide faster flow and enhanced durability; Flip, bite and sip. No tipping required (though possible: ...
Start from: $14.95
Last price update: 2024-04-24 08:28:45
After one year of use, I've given up on this bottle. Though I love the bite concept and carabiner hook, I have found that its overall utility is limited. There are two major flaws with the bottle design:1. Requires Frequent CleaningIf you use the Eddy on a daily basis, you can expect gunk to build up in the nozzle every 1-2 weeks. This is because after you are done drinking the bite valve retains a few drops of water that just sit until you use it again. This is easy enough to clean assuming that you have a pipe cleaner style tool.2. LeaksThis bottle will leak through some flaw in the design around the bite valve. If I place the bottle in my messenger bag or camping backpack, it is an absolute guarantee that it will leak onto the items around it. I believe the problem stems from the transition between the top of the straw and the bite valve. Every time I take the bottle out of a bag it is wet around the nozzle and thread area.In my opinion, the leaking issue should deter anyone from purchasing this bottle unless you'll only be using it upright on a desk and don't mind cleaning it frequently.
September 21, 2015
Out of all the purchases I've made from Amazon I have yet to make a review till now. I've made lots of purchases of items, some have things opened/broken but all have been exchanged and I was happy with what I got. Now I can't say the same for this bottle. I read many reviews and was happy to purchase this so called "spill-proof sipping" bottle. To say the least this is NOT A SPILL PROOF BOTTLE. No matter what I did the water/BCAA's I had in the bottle kept spilling all over the place in the gym. When I would lift it to sip from the straw it would spill out and drip all over my clothes. I made sure the straw was in tight and that the tip was all the way down, but it just spills/leaks all over the place. This is very annoying. ESP when you have to keep cleaning up puddles all over the place. I am very disappointed in this bottle and this is not what I expected out of this product.
October 10, 2016
I love the look and use of this water bottle. Great for the gym.BUT. I hate the mold. Yes: mold.Please note: I clean the Eddy regularly – probably twice or three times a week (which I'm assuming is more often than most people) – washing each of the parts separately and thoroughly I let each part dry before reassembling. If the bottle is filled, I store it in the fridge. And I only put water in the bottle.**And yet** I still have found MOLD growing hidden on the inside of the rubberized bite way too many times. Might just be me... except when I told a few friends who have the same bottle about it, several of them checked... only to find the same problem!!So gross. And a reliable water bottle shouldn't require such a high degree of maintenance to trust that it's not molding on you.
December 31, 2015
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