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Eczema in babies, easily confused with dry patches on the newborn skin tends to show up on their cheeks (baby eczema cheeks) and scalp first. It may then spread to other parts such as the face, arms, legs, chest, back, neck and elbows. When a baby has eczema, the skin’s barrier is less effective than usual. As a result, skin is less supple, and because it is cracked, it is easier for allergens or infections to enter the skin. This makes the condition worse. There is no official cure for baby eczema, but there are many treatments available.

Baby Eczema

Areas on the body that baby eczema may appear

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Causes of Baby Eczema

No one knows exactly what causes eczema in babies, but it is genetically inherited. Therefore, a baby is more likely to contract eczema if it runs in the family. Moreover, it is also more likely to occur if the family medical history includes a history of ailments such as asthma or allergies. There are different types of eczema, each one has specific causes, you need to know what type of eczema your baby gets to treat it right.

There are many possible causes of eczema in babies. Allergens or irritants in the environment can trigger an outbreak. Chemicals that are found in all sorts of household and beauty products have been known to cause a reaction resulting in eczema or some other form of dermatitis. For example, an adult with sensitive skin is prone to cracked and bleeding skin simply from washing the dishes without rubber gloves. Laundry detergent can trigger or even create allergies over time, resulting in rashes and itchiness. People often deny that their detergent is to blame for a reaction because they’ve used it for years, but our skin can change and adapt over time. This means that you can develop an allergy to something you never had an allergy to before.

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Any beauty products that contain fragrances or harsh chemicals can also trigger breakouts of eczema or other skin disorders. Hand moisturizers that smell of perfume should be avoided, for example. There are a range of products available for people with sensitive skin. To avoid baby eczema, you should only use natural products. Look for products that use ingredients like cocoa butter, aloe vera, and oatmeal, as all of these are known for their skin healing qualities. Everyone is different when it comes to skin disorders and treatments. What works for one won’t necessarily work for another. The same goes for your baby. The only way of really finding out what works is trial and error, unfortunately.

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Symptoms of Baby Eczema

The severity of eczema ranges from mild to very severe, as you can see in the below baby eczema photos:

mild eczema on hands

Mild eczema on hands


Severe eczema on hands

As a result, it can be difficult to know if your baby just has normal dry skin or eczema. Dry skin will not have any severe cracks or any bleeding. It will often resolve itself if you use a good quality moisturizer regularly. If the skin turns into an itchy rash and the rash appears frequently, it is more likely to be baby eczema.

Eczema is also sometimes confused with cradle cap, but there are some key differences. Cradle cap is much less red and scaly, and usually appears on parts of the scalp, sides of the nose, eyelids, eyebrows, and behind the ears.

The main symptom that stands out when it’s eczema is the notable scaliness and cracked appearance of the skin. This is the main symptom you should look out for, as the other symptoms occur with other skin imperfections, too. When it comes to skin disorders, misdiagnosis isn’t a serious issue, as they are all treated with similar products.

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Eczema baby natural treatment and products

How to treat baby eczema? As said above, eczema can’t be cured, but it can be managed with the correct treatments. When living with eczema, it is really important to keep symptoms under control. Thus, you need to know about the everyday triggers that might affect you or your child’s eczema conditions. Make sure you have a proper skin-care routine and avoid chemicals or environments that cause eczema flare-ups. There are a number of things you can do in order to treat baby eczema:

  • Moisturize regularly

    Whenever the skin gets too dry, it may become irritated which can contribute to outbreaks of eczema in babies. There are many factors that lead to dry skin including wind, low humidity, cold, harsh soaps and bathing/showering often without moisturizing afterward. Moisturizing is one of the most important things you can do to help control any form of dermatitis. There are a wide variety of moisturizers available specifically for people with problematic skin.

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Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion, For Delicate Skin, Fragrance Free, 18 Oz.


Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion features a naturally nourishing, non-greasy formula that protects delicate skin and moisturizes for 24 hours. It is specially formulated for babies and gentle enough ...
Start from: $8.82
Last price update: 2024-07-24 00:04:06
Our son has suffered from dry and eczema prone sensitive skin since he was born. We have tried different lotions and sometimes they will work for awhile or not help at all. While we still at times use other lotions on our now 27 month old, the lotion that is used the most is the Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion either in the fragrance free version or the soothing version that has a light fragrance to it. So far it has helped his dry skin and also not caused any reaction on my sensitive skin when I apply it on him. It works best when used daily and we still sometimes have to try another lotion if a particular part of his body's skin is extra dry or having a eczema breakout. Overall happy with the lotion and receive it at a great price via subscribe & save program.
June 16, 2016
This review is for :Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture LotionI have tried many different brands of lotion and this one had been my favorite. I was using the regular Aveeno (not baby) for awhile and found it was perfect for my sensitive skin. After my granddaughter was born I got a gift set of the Baby Aveeno line of products for her. She has extremely sensitive skin, just like her mother and me. This worked perfectly for her. After using this lotion on her, I noticed how soft my hands were getting. I started using the baby line and haven't gone back. It works so wonderfully and has a pleasant fragrance to it.
September 19, 2016
I bought this baby lotion for my little pig because I wanted something non-toxic in case she tries to lick it off. She's not a huge fan when we put lotion on her, but pigs have skin similar to humans and she definitely needed some lotion. This lotion is not oily and does not have a scent. It is just what I was looking for! I highly recommend and would buy again!
March 9, 2017

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  • Prescription medications

    Under the care and advice of your doctor, you can apply medications such as corticosteroids and topical calcineurin inhibitors directly to the affected area in order to ease the redness, rash, and itching.

  • Phototherapy

    With this kind of treatment, the doctor will use a special machine to emit narrowband ultraviolet B light onto the skin for purpose of reducing itching and inflammation, increasing vitamin D production and bacteria-fighting systems of the skin.

  • Systemic medications

    As mentioned above, the root cause of baby dermatitis is still not fully known, but it is known that it is connected to an imbalanced immune system. Depending on the severity of eczema, a systemic medication may be prescribed by the doctor in order to stop your immune system from overreacting.

  • Alternative therapies (baby eczema treatment coconut oil and others)

    The fact shows that alternative therapies can be beneficial in controlling eczema conditions. These Alternative therapies can be beneficial in controlling eczema conditions. These therapies include natural food ingredients that act as moisturizers (cod liver oil, coconut oil), detox baths, and homemade healing salves. With baby eczema treatment coconut oil, for example, can be used as a moisturizer, hair conditioner, oil cleanser, and even in cooking.

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  • Stay cool to allow the skin to breathe

    Try to limit contact with materials like wool and scratchy materials that may irritate very sensitive skin. Dress in natural fabrics if possible. Silk, linen, and cotton are popular choices of natural fabrics and are readily available.

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Scratch Me Not Flip Mitten Sleeves - Baby Boys' No Scratch Mitts - Royal Rain

Scratch Me Not

Our ScratchMeNot Flip Mitten Sleeves feature a body of bamboo blended fabric that gives just enough stretch for the everyday tug
Start from: $38.95
Last price update: 2024-07-24 00:04:10
Life saver. I have 3 of these and just ordered a 4th pair because they are an essential part of our day and night with a child with allergies and ezcema. He still scratches, but with these he is prevented from actually scratching his skin. The silk mittens ensure that his itching leaves a minor rash instead of open wounds. These are especially helpful at night for those moments when I'm in a deep sleep and can't spare him from himself. During the day, I keep them off unless he starts major scratching. Then I put these on and he can still play with toys, crawl around the room, etc. They are also great for when they are in the car seat and you can't see or help them while driving.Washable fabric, seems comfortable to the baby, and I like that the mittens are spacious (unlike the little mittens he would pull off before) because then his hands get to be more mobile and grasp items.If you think they are expensive, I've found this to save me money that I was spending on expensive lotions that weren't working and weren't protecting him.
July 6, 2016
I got these to break the thumb-sucking habit of my 2.5yr old since he was 4 months. I've tried it all to break his habit...nasty nail polish that didn't bother him at all, over priced thumbguard that was a pain to put on. After the second night of wearing these, he was cooperative of them going on him at night and has not been able nor interested in taking them off through the night. These go with him at daycare for nap time too and the caretakers were cooperative with putting them on him. It's been 3 weeks since he's been wearing these, and every night now he says "no suck the thumb, put on." He doesn't need his thumb to fall asleep now, and doesn't need to suck his thumb as frequently during the day as he used to. So instead of spending this "idle" time sucking his thumb, he is now talking, singing, and jabbering up a storm. I love these and wished I knew about it sooner. Giving it 4.5 stars due to the price. I would buy another to keep at daycare, but it's really overpriced IMHO to get a second one and hoping in a few more weeks we won't need to use these anymore period.
November 22, 2016
When I say that this product has changed our lives and our little boys life, I mean it. Our infant son suffers with severe eczema and these have been a life saver. We do not go a single day without using this sleeve and highly, highly recommend it. I've tried another brand and there was no elastic or tight fit around the shoulders so he could get his hands out and scratch himself raw. These have elastic, they fit snugly (but comfortably) around his shoulders so there's absolutely no worrying about him getting his hands out. I also love the flip sleeve so when he's having a less itchy day we can open his mitts and let his hands free to play and explore. I also love how durable they've been despite the many, many washings. Please don't waste your money on other brands, THIS is the only sleeve you need to help manage your child's eczema and keep them safe and scratch-free.
July 3, 2016

  • No scratching :

    Scratching your itchy areas with hands or rubbing the face (mostly for baby eczema cheeks) against the sheet when sleeping may bring temporary relief but these actions can make your condition worse. Make sure to keep your baby’s nails clipped, so they don’t scratch themselves with long nails. If your baby is having serious trouble sleeping, you could ask your doctor for an antihistamine to help with the itching so that your baby gets a good night’s sleep.

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    Goumikids Goumimitts Soft Stay On Scratch Mittens - Stops Scratches and Germs


    #productDescription .aplus-3p {width: 970px} .aplus-3p ul {overflow: hidden;} .aplus-3p ul li {list-style-position: inside;} #productDescription .aplus-3p table {border-collapse: collapse !important; ...
    We're in the hospital currently with our newborn, who massacred his face with his little talons in the nursery while the nurses had these off for just a moment while weighing him... We are SO glad we brought these to the hospital, they are adorable, the prints are great, room to grow yet adjustable to skinny 6lb newborn wrists, and most importantly, they stay on and protect his face.
    May 22, 2015
    works great st first, until the edge of the tape scratches baby's face leaving a super long scar! 🙁
    October 22, 2016
    We have used these mittens for two children. They are well made and attractive. However, after washing, the Velcro tab curled backwards, exposing the scratchy Velcro on the underside of the tab (see posted photo). There needs to be either be a longer strip of Velcro to keep the tab down, or maybe put the softer side of the Velcro on the tab so that the scratchy side isn't exposed when it curls back. I will say that these do stay on fairly well!
    July 14, 2015
  • Soaps and cleansers

    If your child gets eczema, you should use kinds of special soaps and cleansers made especially for sensitive skin. The reason soaps can irritate the skin is because of the pH level. Skin generally has a pH level of between 4 and 5, while most soaps have a pH of 9 or 10. Their high alkaline content can cause irritation; depending, of course, on the sensitivity of your skin. Always look at labels when buying any healthcare or beauty products, because regulations require companies to outline their composition. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much you can find out just by reading a label.

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McKesson Eczema Treatment Pants Wrap-E-Soothe Bottoms 5T White Pediatric


The Wrap-E-Soothe pants with attached feet are a specialty medical garment for the treatment of atopic dermatitis or eczema Extra soft, smooth and comfy fabric proven superior for sensitive skin and ...

  • Foods and drinks

    Avoid allergic foods and drinks that may irritate the skin. Some aren’t relevant when your baby is very young, but it’s best to take note of them anyway, just in case their eczema continues into later life. Food and drink which trigger eczema include cow’s milk, eggs, soy, wheat, fish, and nuts. Make sure that you don’t eliminate these food groups entirely, particularly if the eczema is mild.

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In order to prevent your baby from getting eczema, or manage it if they already have it, try to avoid all triggers that may irritate their skin.

For example

  • Try to buy natural materials when choosing clothes for your baby.
  • Purchase soft, cotton clothes for your baby. A comfortable gear for your baby will do just fine.
  • Keep the baby cool by monitoring the room temperature regularly
  • Avoid smoking around the baby
  • Use cleansing products made for sensitive skin. Always read the ingredient list on the bottles before you buy as some products claim to be natural but aren’t at all.
  • Avoid foods and drinks that can trigger eczema.

In conclusion, baby eczema can cause a lot of discomfort for your child. Taking good care of their skin should be a high priority. When they get older, make sure to communicate with your child about their eczema so that you have sufficient information to get suitable baby eczema treatment. Most children outgrow eczema before school age, but it’s best to be prepared just in case.

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