How do I know if my baby has colic?

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Colic in babies is when you hear a baby crying for hours on end. Hearing a crying baby, especially as the parent, can cause a lot of stress and worry. Luckily, there are many things you can do to manage and treat colic in babies.

Read on to find out about what colic is, symptoms of colic in babies, and how to cure a colic baby.

What is Colic?

Let’s face it: all babies cry. However, crying is a baby’s way of trying to tell you they need something or are distressed. Colic, however, is when a baby cries much more than usual for no apparent reason. A normal, healthy baby who cries incessantly when all apparent problems have been addressed is known as a colic baby. Colic is just the umbrella term for problem crying. It is not a symptom or disease, it’s just an unfortunate fact of life that one in five parents experience with their newborn child.

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Baby colic : Baby will sleep through the night and so will...

This formula has been used for hundreds of years by different civilizations. It helps babies sleep through the night by relieving them instantly from All kinds of discomfort. 1 or 2 OZ's of Babies' ...
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I have been drinking this tea for several weeks. My 4 month old has bad gas and constipation to the point of tears. If I drink the tea he doesn't have those issues next day. If I miss a day of tea then he suffers the following day. I have not put it in his bottles yet because I just don't feel completely comfortable with it. Maybe when he starts solids I can venture down that road.
November 17, 2016
This product works great. It's easy especially if you are breastfeeding. I noticed a difference right away. My baby doesn't sleep through the whole night but he wakes up less and doesn't have colic issues anymore. I read some of the 1 star reviews and I don't think some of those reviewers were using the tea correctly. 🙂
December 11, 2014
My baby likes it and she doesn't have any problem with the taste We live in area which the air conditioning is a must at home too so I give this when I see my baby's stools green from the cold of course but once I give the next day I can see the difference in warming her tummy and her stool goes back to normal too but for sleeping she is doing just fine So I give this to warm her tummy not because of lack of sleeping
October 1, 2016

Symptoms of Colic in Babies (colic baby symptoms)

It isn’t completely accurate to say that there are symptoms of colic, because it’s not a disease. However, there are certain things you can look out for as a parent. For example, a doctor will usually diagnose your baby as colic if their crying meets the three following conditions:

Number of hours: If there is colic in babies, they will cry for at least three hours at a time.

Number of days: If there is colic in babies, they will cry for more than three hours for at least three days out of seven.

Number of weeks: If there is colic in babies, the crying baby will continue this pattern for at least three weeks.

As well as these three rules, colic in babies can be recognized by noting the behavior of your crying baby. Here are a few other symptoms of colic in babies:

  • The crying fits occur at the same time every day.
  • It seems to happen for no reason: the baby is clean, fed, and comfortable.
  • The baby may move around a lot and clench their fists; their crying seems to be out of general frustration.
  • Conventional routines you have established will become disrupted by crying. In other words, the baby will be so upset they might sleep restlessly or reject food.

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Colic-Calm Homeopathic Gripe Water,Relief of Gas, Colic and Upset Stomach 2 Fluid Ounce

Colic Calm

The only gripe water that is a safe FDA listed medicine for infant colic, and gas. Pediatrician recommended, guaranteed and 100% natural.
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This stuff is black and can be quite off-putting for people that don't realize how this stuff is different. I purchased this after realizing my poor baby had terrible gas and would writhe in pain to try and release it. I noticed that this gripe water, unlike all the others, had charcoal as a main ingredient. A few years back, I purchased some homeopathic charcoal pills for myself to combat the terrible gas pains I would get while flying (who knew? Flying gas is a thing). Anyway, they totally worked for myself. I figured it would be a good idea to try it on the bubs.This stuff did help. It dealt with his gas, for sure. Unfortunately for us, he had colic, as well. All I can tell you is that his gas pain was lessened. He, however, continued his colic crying up until 3 months. This is NOT a cure-all. Honestly, though, I'd ditch the simethicone drops (which I found out only made gas bubbles combine into larger bubbles which, HOPEFULLY, would be easier to pass orally- not even helping the gas that formed in the digestive tract). If you know your baby has a gas problem, use this stuff! Also, my son seemed to really enjoy the taste. He would be quiet for the few seconds it took to feed it to him, lol.This stuff can stain, though, and look absolutely shocking on a burp rag- so just beware. The price can be steep, too. It's definitely worth a try, though, if you're reading this at 3 am, surfing with a few free fingers while you juggle your screaming baby in your arms. Take a deep breath- it doesn't last forever- you WILL sleep again- get whatever help you can- and SOLDIER ON, parent! Much love and empathy to you. Being a parent is the hardest job you can ever have.
November 23, 2013
When i started to realize that the constant crying and sleepless nights with my newborn and first born was not normal i talked to our pediatrician who started treating him for acid reflux (GER). After fighting with our insurance to cover the prescription for Previcid in the first place, the struggle then became trying to get the medicine down. I already had a baby who was not eating/gaining weight and there i was giving him syringe after syringe of water trying to get the "not so soluble" tablet in his system. the whole experience was leaving me uber stressed and feeling like an exhausted failure. I came across the website for colic calm while looking for homeopathic treatments touting to provide acid reflux relief as well as colic. honestly i am not big on the idea of giving my kid something that our pediatrician had not even heard of but with the FDA stamp on it i felt somewhat better about trying it. At first i wouldnt say i was all that convinced but by the end of the week he was sleeping and eating like never before. suddenly the crying seemed managable like i had expected going into parenthood and the fact he was really eating for the first time made me feel a lot better about myself too. my husband was not so sold on giving the credit to the colic calm until we ran out and the delivery from amazon was delayed. 24 hours after his last dose and we were back to being up all night with a screaming baby.couple things to note from what i read in other reviews. first i was prepared for the staining everyone complained about but really havent had a big problem with it. yes is is messy, and if you drip it directly on something and just leave it- yes when you wash the item you will get a faint gray stain but even that is hardly noticable.Read more ›
June 19, 2011
Well, I guess I should wait to write a solid review, but we have a 1 month old little guy who has some serious gas. He's not a great burper and often arches his back in pain. Sometimes it takes him a long time to fall asleep because of gas pain (we can tell this is what it is because once he poops, he's off to dreamland). This, along with another product when needed (made by the same people of a snot sucker) have seemed to work wonders. We have gripe water (both the daytime and the night time) by another brand and it has not done any harm but I'm not sure has "improved" anything. We gave Colic Calm for the first time tonight and while our son did not fall asleep right away, he did lay in his crib happily looking around and settled himself to sleep on his own after his last feed. We will continue using!--Edited to add: After the full first night of use, here's what we noticed:1.) Little guy laid in his crib for 45-60 minutes before falling asleep completely on his own. Usually (unless very tired), he fidgets and fusses until he's in a deep sleep and put down.2.) He did wake up every 2-2.5 hours. This is typical around his age although he had been previously reaching at least a 3-3.5 hour stretch. But, sleep schedules vary greatly at 1 month.3.) He went back to sleep easily between feedings (he usually does this but glad to see it continue)4.) When he woke up this morning around 6:30, he fussed a little (wiggled and made some eh eh eh noises) but there was no crying, and after a couple minutes he actually put himself back to sleep.5.) When he awoke about an hour and a half later, he made some "eh eh eh" sounds again but stayed contently in his crib for 5-10 minutes before we went in there to go get him. He had previously never done this before.6.) Another feeding and he went right back to sleep easily!So far so good!
June 17, 2015

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How to Cure a Colic in babies

Well, because it isn’t actually a disease, there is no actual cure. Being a parent with a colic baby is a very stressful and upsetting time: it’s terrible to watch a young infant so upset without knowing what to do. However, don’t worry, as there are a number of tips that you can try that may ease their crying and soothe their discomfort:

  • Lay him or her on their back in a dark, quiet room: this can help relax them and abate the crying.
  • Use a pacifier: letting your colic baby suck on a pacifier gives them something to distract them and can be very effective.
  • Swaddle the baby: Wrapping your baby all nice and snug in a cosy blanket can soothe their colic.
  • Stay calm: a baby can pick up on your anxiety, so if you’re feeling emotionally stressed either ask your partner to tend to the baby or take a deep breath and wait a few minutes before going into the room. This isn’t cruel parenting: a baby with colic will cry for hours, so a couple of minutes isn’t going to make a difference.
  • Try infant massage: massaging your baby can help soothe their symptoms. During the colic episodes, the baby’s stomach is often too rigid to be massaged as it tense up when they’re crying. Try to find a convenient time to do it consistently: for example, you could try massaging a little every time you change a diaper. There are actually specific massages that have been designed to help colic known as colic massages. Below are step-by-step instructions on how to give your baby a colic massage:

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Colic Massage, baby colic relief

  • Drizzle a bit of oil on your hands: enough to make your hands glide onto the baby’s skin, but not too much or you’ll make them all greasy.
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Organic Baby Massage Oil - 100ml

Alteya Organics

This gentle oil with delicate, natural scent is free of dyes, chemicals, artificial preservatives and pesticide residues. It hydrates and protects skin, and clams and soothes the baby’s senses. ...
Start from: $21.95
This baby oil is simply the best! I've tried many with my older one but this one beats them all. It makes the skin so soft and the smell is very nice and not overpowering for a baby. I was wandering if the rose smell would be too much for a baby boy but actually it blends nicely with the other oils and the end result is a fresh clean scent. It's oily enough to last for a loooong time yet absorbs into the skin pretty quickly and doesn't leave it greasy. And last but not least, LOVE that it has a short expiration date meaning it's all natural without synthetic preservatives. Thank you Alteya Organics for making these wonderful products!
October 14, 2016
I loooove this baby oil. We use it after very bath. It has a nice scent and my baby's skin is so soft and breakout free.
July 6, 2015
My baby likes it.
November 8, 2015
  • If you prefer you can use a massage oil, but make sure it’s not overly-fragranced or it will irritate the baby’s skin. If your baby has sensitive skin there are a number of products you can use to ensure they get the best massage while also soothing their skin irritations. Any oil works well, particularly olive oil as it has moisturizing and healing benefits and is usually found in your cabinet!
  • Undress your baby but leave the diaper on loosely. This is because the massage will relax them so much they may feel the need to pass more than gas! You might even need to insert a doubler into their diaper! Just kidding; but believe me, your baby will really enjoy the massage. There are mothers who say that colic massage saved their sanity: it really does help.
  • Part one: the paddle-wheel: put one hand gently under the baby’s chin to support it and massage down from their neck right to the start of the diaper with the other: be gentle and smooth, but firm enough that you can feel the dip of the rib-cage when you massage it.
  • Part two: Hold the baby’s ankles gently and massage around the leg area, also working to exercise their muscles by moving their legs around in different directions. Always follow official guidelines for massaging your babies. Colic massage is popular and you can easily find videos that demonstrate the moves much more eloquently than I can describe them! You can also help the baby do the bicycle riding motion by holding his legs and gently moving them in a circular motion. This is an additional massage technique that’s just for fun. They will love this!
  • Part three: Circle around the belly button with your fingers in a clockwise motion. Your baby will think you’re playing around and tickling them, but really you’re helping them to be more comfortable which will reduce their bouts of colic.
  • The entire massage should last for at least five minutes. Make sure to have fun with it, and stop when your arms get really tired. Both you and your baby will enjoy this experience: not only does it help their colic, it’s also great bonding time. You can even teach other family members the moves and you can all take turns massaging your baby!

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Baby Got Colic (White Noise for Babies)

Baby Got Colic (White Noise for Babies) by BGC
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Our baby truly did "got colic", and this white noise track was invaluable. We have been using it since he was born, and used it not just for sleeping (mom & dad enjoyed sleeping to it as well!) but also as a soothing device throughout the day. No matter how hard our baby was crying, he would instantly quiet when this track was played and would stare, captivated, often until he drifted off to sleep. This track is superior to regular white noise as it seems to offer more in the way of distraction and soothing to a distressed baby and always worked for our son, even during a bout of illness when nothing else could soothe him. I can't imagine having made it through colic etc. without it!
February 23, 2011
We did not have a colicky baby, but he would not sleep through the night. He had a lot of trouble falling asleep and then staying asleep more than 2-3 hours at a stretch. We tried EVERYTHING that people could suggest or that we could read about, but nothing worked.As we closed in on his first birthday our sleep deprivation was getting to be intense. A friend suggested that this track had worked with her child so we tried it. We'd tried white noise, ocean sounds, you name it - but somehow this particular track did the trick (and still does at 16 months!)It sounds a little like the ambient noise of a city if you were sleeping in a highrise - a little like a train or subway whooshing underground, people walking and talking outside on the sidewalk, the general hum of traffic - but all muffled and far away so that it is like the hum of the city (don't worry, no sudden jack hammers, police sirens, or car alarms at 4am!)We set up a Bose speaker in his room and put this track on infinite repeat on our MP3. Within a day or so he was sleeping longer and longer and very quickly started sleeping through the night and taking good, sound naps on a regular schedule. We couldn't believe how quickly and effortlessly it worked! I mean, honestly, we'd been working at this for about 10 months!!! This track is now part of his sleeping routine and has kept him more or less on schedule and sleeping well even when we sleep in a new place.I HIGHLY recommend you try this - for the price you have absolutely nothing to lose and OH SO MUCH SLEEP TO GAIN!!!!
March 13, 2011
I heard about this "song" on a parenting forum, and when my newborn was super fussy one day I decided to try it out. It was magic! He would stop crying, screaming, and would instantly relax. We started off playing the YouTube video (which is super creepy to watch) but I wanted the longer version, and the convenience of having it downloaded to my phone so I could play it without using my data just couldn't be beat. It's put him to sleep in my arms, the car, out shopping, and even a super loud restaurant.I recommend this to all moms and babies!
October 23, 2015

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How Long Does Colic Last?

A baby with colic can be a devastating time for the mother and father of a colic baby. Some colic babies cry for up to eight hours a day. This is an emotionally and physically exhausting ordeal for both the newborn and their frantic parents. Thankfully, colic usually goes away after about six weeks. It either disappears immediately or gradually; every baby is different.


baby crying


Having a baby with colic does not make you a bad parent: it is simply one of life’s mysterious occurrences. The best thing you can do is try your best to nurture your child through this difficult stage and lean on the support of your partner to help you get through it. Parenting is a wonderful thing, but there are times when it can be incredibly challenging. Just remember that in a couple of months’ time, the bumpy ride you experienced will be nothing more than a memory. You can do it!

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  1. Now I know it has a name…

    Our little had exactly same symptoms during his 3 first months. It was an extremely stressful time. We’ve all tried out, but nothing to do. Then 1 day, it’s gone away, he became very wise and cool, without any reason, just like this. If I found this article before, it could be helpful to make our time easier.

    Thanks anyway,

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